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16 Top Covers for 2016

We’ve rounded up the top 16 most loved covers that you voted on in 2016! Click on each cover to read the full description, request (or wish for) the title, and “Like” the cover if you haven’t already.  If you’ve already read these books, don’t forget to share feedback with the publisher and with your friends and followers. 

Tell us in the comments below which covers you’re loving right now, and they could be included in January’s Cover Love!

Your #1 most loved cover of 2016 was… The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco!


29 thoughts on “16 Top Covers for 2016

    1. I wish there was a way that I could comment on books on Netgalley that I already own. Not necessarily ones that I received from the site but already own. I feel that my feedback could still be used rather if I purchased it or got it from Netgalley. Would love for it to work towards my percentage of feedback.

      1. I agree with you Alex! It would be wonderful if that option was part of NetGalley. I think it would be mutually beneficial for everyone (NetGalley, Reviewers, Bloggers, Authors and Publishers). Specially when we promote it on sites like Goodreads, FB and Twitter! It would be great if we could see this feature in the future!

  1. Most of these are GREAT covers!
    I’m always sorry when a publisher doesn’t seek / take advice about a new books cover: I’ve seen so many new books rejected because of (yes, perhaps shallow) readers who don’t look beyond an unappealing cover.

    1. I love an eye catching cover, and I’ll freely admit I am a bit of a snob when it comes to covers. I think if a book is good it should have a cover that backs that up. The cover is the first impression many prospective readers will ever have, and if the cover is crappy and looks like it was designed in your mother’s musty basement with some clip art program then I tend to immediately shy away. I know this probably means I miss out on some books that would otherwise be great, but if the cover can’t draw my attention it makes me doubt the book with either. Now, that said, I don’t always turn my nose up at a book with a bad cover, but I do do it. (Likewise, I do respect that there are plenty of books that have decent covers that, sadly, the books themselves don’t live up to. So, it is a two way street in that regard, but a good cover will definitely draw readers in far more quickly.)

  2. Drat! I missed voting, although I certainly would have chosen a good portion of these. Wonderful covers. I also think The Last Days of Nights has one of the best covers I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. I usually prefer the simple and less cluttered art on book covers, so The Girl Before would be my top choice from this group. Thanks.

  4. There are only two book covers shown that would make me grab the book–The Hundred Lies and The Love That Split the World

  5. I Loved Faithful, glad its on of the favorites and if you didn’t read it, well you should, you owe it to yourself to read this book, trust me Alice Hoffman knocks this one out to Space, its just written so very good and such a wonderful life story! I love that its cover is Not flashy nor does it need to be, its exactly how it should be! Have a Great Day, NetGalley and thanks for sharing these, I see a couple I need to give a look see! 🙂

  6. I love clear book covers but I always read something about the book. Covers don’t always covey how wonderful the journey will be.

  7. AND I DARKEN not only has a beautiful cover, but it tells of a child’s sorrow, but will that sorrow lead her to ways that she will be able to overcome her foes, and be stronger for it? Even though the story didn’t talk much about Vlad, still the development of his family made the story very interesting.

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