We’re excited to announce the launch of our 3rd annual NetGalley Challenge!

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Show your pride as a #BookAdvocate by taking part in the NetGalley Challenge!

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You’ll get an exclusive badge to show publishers that you’re committed to helping books succeed. Throughout the next 5 weeks, we’ll provide tips focused on how to write reviews and feedback, so publishers know you’re committed to spreading the word about their great titles. We’ll also give tips for sharing your reviews with your friends/followers, and recommending books to your customers or patrons.

When is it?
August 3rd – September 4th

How do I participate?
1. Sign in (or register) to NetGalley and you’ll see a new NetGalley Challenge badge* on your Dashboard.
2. Share the badge by clicking on it, and then copy the code to share on your blog/website, Facebook, or Twitter. That’s it!
3. Bonus event! Watch our webcast for tips on leaving Feedback and Reviews.

Perks of participating:

  • *The Challenge badge starts out temporary for everyone. Only members who share it become official participants of the Challenge, AND the badge remains permanently in their NetGalley account.
  • You’ll have access to fun activities (such as scavenger hunts!), reviewing resources and tips, and giveaways courtesy of your favorite publishers. Click here to view all the activities and each weekly recap!
  • Access our free live-event on August 18th, where Tarah Theoret, your dedicated Community Manager, will walk you through feedback basics and best practices. Plus you’ll hear from a special guest (stay tuned)!
    Watch the recording here!
  • And… the chance to win prizes exclusively for Challenge participants!

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80 thoughts on “2015 NetGalley Challenge

    1. looking forward to finding out what’s up – no matter what, I’m pleased to be ‘pushing’ the notion of reading for all …

  1. This will be my first year participating in the challenge. I’m really looking forward to it and curious to find out what is involved. The review tips sound like they’ll be really useful.

    1. That’s too bad! But, if you participate, you’ll still receive our emails so you’ll at least be able to look at those and access the resources we’ve provided once your internet is back up and running!

  2. Thanks! I have posted the badge on my Goodreads blog. I get such great reading through Net Galley that I am always proud to say it is one of my best resources.
    Books can be socially isolating at times so it is wonderful to see you making more of a social feature out of reviewing.

  3. I love NetGalley! I have discovered so many new authors to follow! I post my reviews at 8 different locations…. some have a large audience, some have less than 1000 followers. But I really enjoy sharing my reviews and getting feedback. There’s nothing quite like someone saying I loved the review, I bought the book, and you were right .. it was a great book! Makes my day! My thanks to all the authors, publishers who make these books available and approve me to read them!

  4. Since I am the only book nerd amongst my people, I rely on social media to share my love of books. I am excited to be a part of this challenge. Thank you NetGalley.

  5. I love sharing my love of books and reading, i leave reviews and recommendations where ever i can, and i also purchase and gift ebook copies and hard copies to gift as much as possible, i love the feedback when someone really enjoys the books. I am really looking forward to reading more new authors etc and the tips for reviews as i tend to write just what im feeling. Thank you NetGalley for further enriching the reading experiences for all readers

  6. I’m always happy to learn new ways to improve my reviews and feedback. Netgalley has been an invaluable resource for our library book ordering.

  7. This is perfect because I was looking for advice and tips. I LOVE NetGalley! It’s given me an opportunity to read books from authors/publishers who I admire and some new books I might not have picked up if it wasn’t for NetGalley.

  8. I enjoy being a NetGalley member and having access to amazing books. I love reading. Books are my passion! Thanks for always finding creative ways to share books, author info, and an amazing way to discover the next bestseller. Many thanks to all the authors, publishers, and NetGalley! I’m a #BookAdvocate .

  9. I get most of my books from here and this is my first NetGalley Challenge. I work as a copy editor so reading is a major part of my job. I even have the opportunity to proofread/beta-read for a couple of authors. The part I love the best is getting to read a title before it is released. It’s like knowing a secret before everyone does. I give feedback and post reviews for every book I read, even the ones I don’t. I share my reviews on amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.uk, amazon.in, kobo, smashwords, librarything, my twitter @AshPReads and my FB page https://www.facebook.com/AshPReads.

  10. I love being a part of NetGalley and this just adds to all the excitement of the great books I get from the website.

  11. This is my first time participating in the challenge. Sounds like fun and very excited to see what is involved. Anything involving books is fun to me. 🙂

  12. I feel so privileged to have been given this opportunity and for us Bibliophiles to come together.
    It feels so special to help Author’s make their dreams come true in having their work reviewed and promoted.
    The 2015 NetGalley Challenge is an added bonus 🙂


  13. Hi! Is the archive of the webinar on ‘feedback basics and best practices’ available? I missed the live event, unfortunately.

  14. I love to recommend books to our library patrons. It is fun to find out what their individual preferences are. Pointing a reader to a book they might enjoy is enjoyment for me too!

  15. I didn’t get home until the live webcast was about halfway through, but I’ve now watched it again on the you tube link. I found it interesting and useful (especially the bits I missed). I think I’ll need to work a bit on my blog (which is fairly new).

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