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Do you love being the first to read new books? Do you take pride in recommending books to others?

Shout it from the rooftops and join us as we launch our 4th annual NetGalley Challenge!

2016challenge_badge_130_p This year’s Challenge focuses on your book recommendations, whether it be on your blog, retail sites, to your patrons or colleagues. To participate, just submit a new review (or share an existing review) before August 12. If you do, you will earn the official Challenge badge as a permanent addition to your NetGalley account.

That individual goal will be easy for many of you dedicated book advocates! But books are not just a solitary passion, and we love the magic that happens when our members collectively embrace a new author or a surprise breakout book.

That’s why we’re also challenging the entire NetGalley community to submit a total of 25,000 reviews in just two weeks. And because we’re just as devoted to providing meaningful input on new books, we’ve redesigned the Feedback section on the NetGalley site! Take a look, and together let’s demonstrate to publishers and authors how vital and powerful we are when it comes to helping books succeed.

Take the Challenge:

1) Sign in to submit or share a review to earn the badge (and see the new Feedback section!)

2) Watch our webcast (for review tips, insights into how your reviews helps books succeed, and some great book recommendations!)

3) Keep an eye on your dashboard, the NetGalley blog, Twitter & Facebook
for fun activities, resources, and chances to win prizes!

Good luck & happy reviewing!
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16 thoughts on “2016 NetGalley Challenge!

  1. Very excited! Since my last back surgery two weeks ago I (hopefully) only have two more and I will be done with the surgeries, so I will be able to focus more, for longer periods and bring my blog and my reviews back up to par. This new Challenge is exciting!

  2. I am a bit confused regarding leaving a review. I am a NetGalley reviewer. I write many reviews for other sites. However I have not gotten any galleys for over a year from NetGalley. So how do I post a review?

    1. Hi Betty! You can either submit a new review for a book you’ve been approved for on NetGalley OR you can share an existing review. To share, just View Feedback for any title in your account and then use the Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn buttons to share it with your followers. Doing either will earn you the official badge, for keeps!


    Review of There You’ll Find Me
    Author: Jenny B. Jones
    Genre: YA, contemporary fiction, romance, Christian

    There You’ll Find Me appears to be a typical contemporary young adult romance but is so much more than that. It opens on perfectionist Finley Sinclair, a senior in high school from the United States who is moving to Ireland for her final year of high school. Several years ago, her older brother was killed and Finley is seeking for healing in Ireland, a place that her brother loved and where he kept a journal that she received upon his death.

    Finley hopes that moving to Ireland will take her away from her problems and closer to her deceased brother, and it does, in some ways. She meets Beckett Rush, a hot young actor who ends up being much more than the arrogant flirt she thinks he is. She agrees to be his assistant if he will take her around Ireland to visit all of the places her brother went. As she reads her brother’s journal about how deeply he connected with God in Ireland, Finley can’t help but wonder where God has been during the two years since her brother died.

    During her year in Ireland, she falls in love with Beckett Rush, befriends a dying woman, and tries to find peace with herself and peace with God. The romance in the book is somewhat lackluster, but her search for healing and reconciliation with her pain and with God is beautiful. I loved the growth that you see in Finley as she starts to grow and struggle and heal.

    Things I liked: Finley’s growth throughout her year in Ireland, her search for healing, her up and down struggles with perfectionism, her reconciliation with God, her friendship with a dying woman.

    Things I didn’t like: The romance was fairly typical (it was with a teenage heartthrob), Beckett Rush as a character is not that great, some of the high school drama doesn’t add to the story.

    Overall, if you enjoy young adult contemporary fiction that is somewhat poignant but also includes a flashy romance, this is a good book for you. It’s Christian but not preachy and is a realistic look at healing and pain.

    3.5 Stars

    1. Thanks Hannah! Just make sure to submit this via your NetGalley account and then you’ll officially earn the badge!

  4. I have recently updated my account and added quite a bit of links of past reviews. However I have pending books ,which i requested. If I get one approved,be happy to submit a review.

  5. I wish we could still see the star rating on the shelf pages. I used it to remind myself which reviews I still needed to write. Tend to get ahead of myself.

    Good job in making it so multiple links can be added.

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