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Your name: Brandilyn Carpenter

First: how did you initially get started reading and reviewing GLBTQ+ books, and developing your own site dedicated to this genre? Is there one specific book that really inspired you?

First of all, thank you for inviting Prism Book Alliance® to participate in the spotlight celebrating GLBT Book Month™. NetGalley actually plays a decent-sized role in this story.

I started reading GLBTQ+ fiction with Cut & Run by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban back about 4 or 5 years ago.

I have been an avid reader for years and was reviewing some of the mainstream romance offerings thanks to NetGalley. A few fellow romance readers helped convince me to try gay romance. After a little coaxing, I tried Cut & Run. I haven’t looked back. ave read almost 3,000 titles in the genre (not counting re-reads) and have too many favorites to mention.

What really inspired me start Prism was talking with some of the lesser known authors in the genre. I wanted to give them a way to get their name and work out to people that may not have heard of them before. I had already been running a product review blog that I had slowly converted to to book review blog with the help of NetGalley, but it sat all but unused since I stopped reading mainstream fiction.

However, I knew from my experience before that I could make it into something that could do good for more than just authors. (I will go into that more in a bit). Somewhere along the way, I got the idea to invite some of my fellow M/M Romance fans to review with me. We took a few months to get our act together, and we officially launched on 1 Jan 2014. We have since grown from those original 10 reviewers. We are currently at a pretty steady 18. My team considers for review titles from all across the GLBTQ+ spectrum and are constantly looking for ways to get new GLBTQ+ titles and authors in front of people.

What are your favorite aspects of GLBTQ+ as a book genre? How have you seen this genre grow and change since you joined the community?

My favorite aspect of this genre is certainly the community. Most of the people are very open and welcoming. I have made some great friends on both sides of the pen who I know will be around for life.

I have maintained since day one that I think this genre is more important than words on a page. This genre opens people’s eyes, minds, and hearts. This genre is important in the larger fight for equality we see being waged at the national and world levels. It teaches the younger generation that it is okay to love who they love and it is okay for everyone to be who the need to be.  It teaches acceptance. We are writing (and reading) the characters fighting for and living the equality that we want to see in the world.

For the most part, I see this reflected in how the community acts toward each other as well as outside of itself. Some of us are more vocal in our support, and some of us are just living as examples of tolerance, acceptance, and love.

Since June is GLBT Book Month™, does Prism Book Alliance® have anything special planned?

You know what? we should. I don’t have anything planned right now, but I will do something for it. Just have to work out what.

We will be launching a new column this month reaching out beyond the genre a bit. I don’t want to go into it too much, but watch for it on starting (hopefully) the second Sunday of the month.

Do you have any advice for book bloggers who are just starting out? Perhaps advice about managing a blog with multiple contributors as well as a review schedule?

Learn the word “No”. It is a simple word, but so hard to say sometimes. Even in a genre as small as ours, it is easy to get overwhelmed by requests.  It is also easy to take on way more than you can read/handle. Reading and reviewing is supposed to be fun. You can’t give a book a fair chance if you feel forced to read it. You just can’t. Start slow. (She says as she looks back at the craziness that was Jan 2014)…

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. One of the best things that happened to me was finding a fellow book blogger to bounce ideas off of.  She is now a great friend, and still a great source of advice for me. She kept me sane my first year. She isn’t blogging any longer, but you can find her over on the USA Today Happily Every After Blog on Fridays.

Which upcoming books on NetGalley are you the most excited about recommending? Are there any reviews your team is currently working on that you’re particularly excited to share?

Oh there are so many coming up on NetGalley that have us excited!

Riptide Publishing has a few – The Silvers by JA Rock, Starting New by S.C. Wynne, Gays of Our Lives by Kris Ripper among others.

There is also Due Diligence by Anna Zabo from Penguin/Intermix (Berkley Publishing Group on NetGalley).

Less Than Three Press has a few as well: The Pirates of Fathoms Deep by Megan Derr, All the King’s Men by Alex Powell.

Bold Strokes Books is one of my go to publishers for Lesbian fiction. Our LesFic reviewer snapped up Carson Tate’s Above the Law and a few others. We also have their gay fantasy In Shining Armor by E.L. Phillips in our queue and the moment.

Oh and Beta Test by Annabeth Albert comes out on 30 May. My reviewer has already requested the next one, so I will be watching NetGalley for it!

The Silvers   Gays of our Lives   Due Diligence   The Pirates of Fathoms Deep   All the Kings Men    Above the Law   In Shining Armor   Beta Test

Anything additional you would like to share with the NetGalley community?

Take a chance on a new genre, even one that makes you uncomfortable. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. You never know what new love you may find.

Lightning round!

Your site in 2 sentences:

A celebration of diversity through literature. (Okay, I cheated… that is a take off on our tagline 😉 ).

Your favorite author(s):

Oh heck. In the genre? Jeff Adams, Andrew Q Gordon, Jamie Fessenden/James Erich, John Goode, Mary Calmes, Rhys Ford. The classics: JK Rowling, Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Neil Stephenson, Orson Scott Card (Can’t stand the man, love the books)

Book you’d like to see on the big screen:

Tales from Foster High by John Goode & The Champion Gods series by Andrew Q. Gordon.

And to finish off our interview, if you could go on a road trip with any author, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you go?

Kurt Vonnegut. Titan. (if you have read Vonnegut, you understand).

Thanks so much to Brandilyn for spending some time with us and answering our questions!

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*Interviewed by Tarah Theoret

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