We asked our community what behaviors make them Book Advocates & the responses are great! Here is a sampling of the ways NetGalley members help books succeed!

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40 thoughts on “#BookAdvocate

  1. Books have always been a lifesaver for me, since I was a wee girl. That has never changed. There’s almost nothing I’d rather do than settle in with a good book. I read them. I review them (I even started a separate blog all about books) and I treasure them.

    1. I agree with everything you stated about books! Books can be and are lifesavers! Books are very portable, whether they are hardcopy or ebooks, and that is why I always have something to read with me wherever I go. I am a high school librarian who has loved books her entire life and I have a never-ending to read list! I also recently created a blog for book reviews.

  2. I acquired the love of reading as a child. I passed that onto my children and now my grandchildren. I talk about book and recommend them to anyone who will listen. My book shelves are full and the book shelves have bowed from the weight, closets are full, piles on the floor. A list to read that is always growing. I buy books, give them as gifts or gift cards to book stores new or used. My passion for reading has no end.

  3. I always love acquiring new books. It almost doesn’t even matter what genre. If it has pages, a binding and words inside, I’ll read it. My bookcase is so full that I once broke one of the shelves because there too many books stacked up.

  4. The fact that I can’t finish a good book without pressing it into the prone hands of everybody I meet (whether in person or from a distance via the internet) has probably led some of my friends to read books they’d never have thought of reading. Okay, so they didn’t like all of them, but it was worth a try, right? Still on a mission to make everybody in the world read ‘Good Omens’ by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett; I’m convinced it’s the key to world peace.

    In the meantime I’ll carry on spending my summers working and volunteering in libraries, reading wayyyyy too much, and ignoring the hard books for my dissertation in favour of fiction. YAY.

  5. Not only do I research gender and sexuality in the media, but I have multiple friends who have experienced sexual assault. Being a book advocate means not only being able to tell people about books that are great and treat people fairly, but also what to be aware of, as an advocate for them as well. Netgalley gives me that chance with previews. It saves my friends from spending twenty dollars on a book that may cause trauma, or allows them to spend twenty dollars with no fear.

  6. I am a #bookadvocate as I am constantly talking about the books that I read. Friends are constantly asking what I have read lately and what I recommend. I enjoy picking up extra books for others, asking them to pass on the love when they finished with it . I love sharing the love of reading with the students in the classes that I am a teacher in, being a substitute teacher I have a variety of students. I share what read with them as they share what they read with me and I usually end up with a list on a post-it to look at later when I get home, I love this exchange.

  7. I know I’m a #BookAdvocate not only because I’m well known to NEVER be without a book but also because I’d happily trade my chocolate bar and latte for a great new book! (Although combining those three, chocolate, coffee and a good book is one of the best things in life!)

  8. I am a #BookAdvocate for as long as I can remember, I fell in love when I first got my library card in third grade and systematically went thru all the books I could borrow. It hasn’t stopped in more than thirty years and since then I actively promote books to whomever I meet.

  9. Books are my escape from reality. I love getting into a good book that draws me in from the beginning.
    I love helping authors get the word out about their books through my blog and FB page.

  10. Books are my great love! They make me feel, teach, soothe, scare, excite, empathise, sympathise, and make me laugh! I am proudly a #bookadvocate

  11. I have always loved reading, and my office at home is turning into a library. I enjoy reading mystery ,suspense psychological thrillers. I read both paperbacks and on my Kindle. NetGalley has allowed me to discover so many new talented authors. I feel like I am in the candy store, when I browse through the books on this site, with so many wonderful new discoveries. I love to discuss books with my friends, both online and at work. I really feel that reading books, not only opens new horizens, but keeps your mind active, and increases your vocabulary. I enjoy posting reviews for every book I read, because I recognize that authors and publishers rely on this information to advertise and promote their works.

  12. I am a book advocate because in the event of an apocalypse, my biggest fear would be getting a bag big enough for all my books I would want to carry with me!

  13. I Love & adore books i have done since a child i love all genres and love spending time talking about books with friends and family love to tweet about books too. #Bookadvocate
    p.s is there anything more wonderful than reading in your favorite place be it the garden the beach in bed!!! 🙂 Happy reading all

  14. I have my kindle everywhere I go. I give platelets every two weeks and a good book is the way to kill the 2 hours it takes to do the procedure.

  15. I am a #bookadvocate because I could never get through all the books I want to read in my lifetime. Every time I turn around I see another book I want to add to my list of books I want to read.

  16. I have been reading mystery novels since third grade (Nancy Drew) and I was hooked then and still quite addicted to a great “who Done It”. I read about 3 to 5 books a week – #bookjunkie.

  17. When I was working it was to earn money to buy books. Now I get books through NetGalley in return for reviews. I tell people that I have a new job and get paid in books rather than money. Best job in the world! I get to read so many wonderful, different books. I talk about them all the time, and try to convince others to read them too.

  18. I have loved books since I was a young child, I have to admit that there were a few years that I didn’t read, what with working and raising children and all that entails, it was hard to find time to read. Now, it is rare if I don’t read something daily. As a reviewer, I do have to find the time…lots of books so little time. I am a #bookadvocate 100%.

  19. Books and blogging about them has become my lifeline since becoming disabled in 2001. I love spreading the word about Escaping into good books!

  20. Yes, I must be truthful, I am a book addict. The addiction started when I was a young child with my numerous visits to the library and continued through all my years of schooling. I even played librarian when I was a child! I must have a book in the car, or in the bathroom. I have hundreds of titles on my kindle, iPad, and iPhone, and an emergency book in my car, in case I forget my Kindle or IPhone. I am a book addict/book advocate and proud of it.
    I love to excite children with the joy of reading, just so they will become as addicted as I am. I want them to experience “new book smell” with excitement and view books for Christmas as wonderful as video games. I want them to become book addicts/advocates too.

    1. I love the excitement when I connect with an author and they appreciate the review. I get excited when I find a new book that I want to share with everyone. I want to encourage the kids in my life to read and to embrace the love of books and their stories as much as I do.

  21. I am a #bookadvocate because I love introducing a fellow bookworm to a new author they’ve never even heard of,

  22. I have been reading books ..Romance mainly since I was 12 years I have been reading for about 35 years. I am a back to back reader… never without a book. Usually once I start a book I have to finish it… It never takes me days to read one. I have to finish it, just as you would a movie. Books to me are movies in your head…not to mention a chance to get a “break” from your life. I found that here lately I have a mind set to make sure that books are getting the notice they should. I hate to think a really good book is not being found by other hungry reader like me. Reading is my passion, love and life. #BookAdvocate

  23. I know I’m a #BookAdvocate when a student comes back to tell me how much they enjoyed a book that I recommended! I love to get them excited about reading. It is even better when it is someone who “doesn’t like to read” and then keeps coming back for more books!!!

  24. I’ve been a lover of books, since I was a child. I thought I was the coolest bringing my R.L. Stine books to school to show everyone my collection. Also, when your teacher says that you read too much, yes that actually happened lol.

  25. I am a #bookadvocate because I am always recommending books to my friends and family. They come to me for new recommendations. I love to read and always have a pile of TBR hardcopy books as well as many epub books on my phone, tablet and ereader. I always have a book with me, no matter where I am going.

  26. I could not live without books, they fill a huge place in my life. As a child I was very sick for a long while and books were my saviour. When our children came along, my husband and I made a decision to not have a television and concentrate on reading with the children. We now have a huge library of books, as do our four children, and 9 grandchildren. In this fast pace world with lots of stresses, it is lovely to sink into the slower and more satisfying life of a book – even if it is for a short time, to catch our breathe and enter a different world.
    The fact that can read and recommend books to my family, friends and various special interest groups that I belong to gives me a lot of satisfaction, especially when they read these recommendations and agree with me and pass the information further.

  27. I have been a #Bookadvocate my whole life. Even as a small child I carried around a book and that habit has stayed with me throughout my life. My favorite time of year was when the Scholastic paper was handed out. I could only get one book yet I circled more than half of them. Around fifth grade, I got to the point where I was read adult books I read anything I could find which usually ended up being Steven King or something of that nature. This addiction to books has actually gotten worse now that I can pick out what I want to read. I am now disabled and books let my mind take me away from that, to travel, to live many lives, to be whatever I want to be, and so much more. I feel at times like a book pusher. I talk to anybody in earshot about the book I am reading and why they should too. Everybody that knows me has come to terms that the only thing I give for a gift is a book. 🙂

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