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Introducing our new favorite thing for book-loving parents. . .

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We got the scoop from our friends at Penguin Random House on their new initiative.

What is Brightly?

Brightly is a new online resource to help parents raise lifelong readers and book lovers. Through thoughtful recommendations, expert tips, and fun ideas, Brightly aims to help make reading meaningful and memorable for families.

Why did you start Brightly?

We love books and reading. And we want our kids to love books and reading, too. But with more than a quarter of a million children’s books on the market, finding the right book for the right child at the right time can be a challenge! Parents are busy, and not everyone is blessed with a fantastic local bookstore or librarian to guide them. We want to make it a little easier, and a lot more fun, for parents to raise children who love to read.

You can read more about what inspired us to launch Brightly and what we hope to offer parents in The 7 Reasons We Started Brightly.

What kind of content can we expect to see on Brightly?

On Brightly you’ll find book recommendations for kids of all ages from across the publishing world, as well as reading tips and insights, special author and illustrator content, personal essays, seasonal activities, contests, sweepstakes, and more. Our focus is on celebrating and embracing different kinds of readers, kids, and interests.

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Who is behind Brightly?

Brightly is a Penguin Random House initiative co-founded by Amanda Close and Christine McNamara, who are booklovers, moms, and book-publishing professionals. The site’s editorial direction is led by Liz Kotin, formerly of

The Brightly team brings together some of the best voices covering reading and parenting on the Web to offer inspiration and guidance around creating a reading life for your family. Brightly contributors include teachers, librarians, and bloggers such as Tom Burns, Devon Corneal, Janssen Bradshaw, and Melissa Taylor.

Learn more about the folks behind Brightly and our Contributors.

Why is the site called Brightly?

We chose the name Brightly because we believe reading has the power to illuminate kids’ lives. Reading is a window to the world for children, and is critical to a bright future in school and work. When we think of our own reading experiences as children, some of our fondest memories are reading under the covers at bedtime with a flashlight.  It’s that kind of love for reading that we want to inspire.

What’s the best way to experience Brightly?

Checking out the Brightly website, and signing up for the newsletter are great places to start.

We also have a great community on our social channels such as FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Come join the conversation!



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