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Kristina Radke, NetGalley’s Publisher Liaison and Communications Manager, spoke on a panel to a group of AAR members about protecting authors’ content in a digital age.

Last week I joined Lance Fitzgerald, Rights Director at Simon & Schuster, and Skott Klebe of Copyright Clearance Center to discuss how authors’ content can be protected at every stage of the publishing process, from the initial agents’ inquiries all the way through publication. Moderated by Jennifer Weltz of JVNLA, Inc. the panel proved to be a lively discussion.

I was asked to share an overview of how NetGalley helps publishers and authors protect their content, while still enabling them to share digital files with readers who may need the text. Whether used to share galleys with professional readers to help build buzz about a title, disseminate a title for wide reading in-house, or to pitch foreign rights, publishers are using NetGalley to securely send digital files and easily track who has had access to a particular file.

Often, agents are contractually allowed a certain number of printed galleys for their own use for translations, foreign rights sales, or their own publicity efforts. With NetGalley, publishers can quickly and easily grant agents access to a NetGalley widget, which would allow them to securely share digital files with their own trusted contacts. Digital galleys offer agents an opportunity to cut down on mailing costs and speed delivery of content.

NetGalley respects our clients’ right to protect their content and allows clients to select what type of security they want to place on their files. But beyond DRM, NetGalley clients are able to closely track who has had access to their files, giving publishers and authors the ability to report on the success of their campaigns.

Other topics that audience members were interested in discussing included concerns about torrent sites, publishers’ internal security and tracking of illegal files, take down notices and how they work, and technical aspects of file security. Lance spoke quite a bit about his own experience working in-house to sell foreign rights using digital files and the procedures S&S has in place for identifying illegal content and sending take-down notices.

Skott spoke at length about the questions agents should be asking of publishers—what sort of file transfer processes are in place, whether they actively search for illegal content online, etc.—and how the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) affects these concerns.

Thank you, Jennifer, for inviting me to participate and recognizing NetGalley’s important role in helping the industry quickly and easily share secure digital files.

Visit for more information about the Association of Authors Representatives and this panel.

-Kristina Radke

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NetGalley Goes to Hollywood

Lindsey Rudnickas, NetGalley’s Digital Marketing Manager, had the opportunity to speak at last week’s HOLLYWOOD LIT RETREAT to a packed crowd of film/TV producers, authors, screenwriters, studio execs, media capitalists, production & media companies, and technologists. Her topic was “Book Buzz & Discoverability in the Future of Storytelling” and here is a transcript of her talk:

I want tell you a story about a really great party…

Think about the last time you decided which book to read next.

Were you in a Library? Or a bookstore? Reading the book reviews in a newspaper? On your computer, reading a blog or article?

Or maybe you were at a dinner party where a friend mentioned the book they just finished. Why is it that when a friend recommends a book, you’re more inclined to read it and love it? Why is it that certain forms of book discovery are more powerful than others?

We’re all more inclined to try something only after someone else has tried it first, and readers are the same way. And many of us have that drive to be the FIRST—we want to be part of IT, part of the MOMENT when the next big book becomes a big deal. Think about how many people love to say they read Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey before it became a success! We all want to be part of the party, and we want to bring our friends to the party. We want to discover something that moves us, and help our friends be moved by it too.
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Tell Me More: NetGalley Announces New Features for Readers
—Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley

Today we announced another new set of features for NetGalley members. If we were in the habit of naming our releases (we’re not, sadly), I’d call this one “Tell Me More,” since it’s all about improving how readers communicate with publishers about how they recommend books.

First, we’ve redesigned your Profile page, top to bottom, making it easier to complete and update the information publishers see when you request a title. Do you know that there are now over 150,000 NetGalley members, who request titles over 40,000 times per week? Your Profile is the most important tool you have for telling publishers how you recommend new books, so that they can approve requests. We have tons of resources to help you improve your Profile, starting here.

Publishers rely on your Feedback, too, to better promote and sell their books. We know that for many member types, like librarians or booksellers (who represent just over 20% of our overall community), their purpose in using NetGalley is to better consider titles for purchase, not for review. This is why we have introduced new types of feedback to the site, including star ratings, notes, and information about a member’s intent to purchase or recommend a title. The goal is to give members the chance to share feedback relevant to their specific member type. This will be in addition to the reviews you’ve always been able to share.
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New changes at NetGalley help better connect you to books you’ll love
—Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley

Have you noticed anything new when you login to NetGalley? We made a series of changes to the site last week designed to make it even easier for readers to browse, request, organize and provide feedback on titles they are reading through NetGalley.

When you next Browse the NetGalley catalog to view titles available for request from our publishers, you’ll see we’ve added two new links. READ NOW titles can be immediately accessed by a member—-so if you’re new to NetGalley, or new to professional reading and recommending, this is a great place to start. Many of our publishers list their titles there for a limited time (sometimes just a day or two), so think of this as a surprise bucket of new books just waiting for you.

And, if you are auto-approved by a publisher, you’ll see a new link for “Auto-approvals” when you Browse. When a publisher auto-approves you, you can automatically access any of their titles available in the catalog. This section is like your own customized catalog—-and is only visible to you, when you sign in.
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The View from the UK

Everyone at NetGalley is delighted to be partnering with Fiction Uncovered, the nationwide promotion for novelists you might have heard about, but never quite got around to reading. It’s a promotion that’s very close to my heart, and one that I think showcases the huge abundance of talent in the UK that doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves.

My picks from the list are Black Bread, White Beer by Niven Govinden, All the Beggars Riding by Lucy Caldwell, The Heart Broke In by James Meek,  and The Village by Nikita Lalwani.

Niven Govinden is the one of the best British writers currently at work. Because of Black Bread,White Beer’s slenderness (it’s not a long novel!) it has been compared to Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach, but for me this has more in common with the great North American writers Philip Roth, John Cheever and Alice Munro. A tale of a marriage in crisis after a tragedy, it is one of the most beautiful, affecting and harrowing novels you’ll read all year.

James Meek is best known for his Russia-set novel The People’s Act of Love. His new novel, The Heart Broke In, is a departure from the historical, violent epic – it’s an old-fashioned story of modern times, a rich, ambitious family drama of love, death and money in the era of gene therapy and Internet blackmail. It’s a page-turner that also makes you think.

The same could be said for Lucy Caldwell’s All the Beggars Riding, which I know will hold you captivated from the first page. Nikita Lalawani has also, in The Village  written a very clever, very affecting follow-up to her brilliant Gifted. Do support these titles!

With so many forthcoming novels coming every day to NetGalley, you can start planning which new titles you should be reviewing for summer. Wreaking by James Scudamore is my big tip for prizes this year – a terrifying story of madness, solitude and secrets.  And if you fancy a big thriller, do check out Tim Weaver’s Never Coming Back Never Coming Back. It’s the fourth of his David Raker novels and well worth discovering.

Well, that’s it for this month. I’ll be back next month with a look ahead to the big autumn books!

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NetGalley at the ECPA Leadership Summit

Conference season is upon us! This week I will be at the ECPA Leadership Summit* for Christian publishers, in Nashville. I’m very excited to be meeting with some of the NetGalley publishers during the ECPA Leadership Summit this week and attending the 2013 Christian Book Awards.

Are you already reading in this genre? Check out the NetGalley catalog for Christian romance, mystery, teen/YA, and non-fiction. And please let us know if you read any of these Christian Book Awards finalists on NetGalley in the comments below.

We’re pleased to have a partnership with the ECPA and work with many of their publishers, including Moody PublishersWorthy Publishing, and Concordia Publishing House! Did you see these titles on our homepage this week? Click through for more information and to request.

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London Book Fair – NetGalley Recap

The London International Book Fair is one of the key events in the literary world; the whole world converging on Earls Court in the South West of the capital to sell rights, seal reputations and look into the future of publishing and books. Naturally, NetGalley was there to meet members and clients both – as well as get the inside track on what’s new.

Stuart at LBF

The NetGalley stand was right at the heart of the Digital Zone – once a niche area within the vast aircraft hangar space of Earls Court, but now probably the most vibrant, diverse and popular destination at the fair. Situated next to the AuthorZone lecture theatre – co-sponsored by NetGalley publisher Troubador – we were lucky to hear a series of fascinating discussions and talks about how writers can thrive in the digital age. Many independent publishers and authors stopped off to speak with us on their way back from the stage – which was hugely interesting.

Among the personal highlights were catching up with new and old publishers and members of NetGalley. We especially enjoyed meeting Georgia and Samuel from – and you can check out their blog about the fair here. Most excitingly of all was the news that several UK publishers confirmed at the fair that they will soon be joining NetGalley. We can’t tell you who they are yet, but we’ll be sure to announce it just as soon as we can!

Next month it’s the turn of New York to play host to the literary world at Book Expo America. Please do stop by Booth #DZ1774 and say hello to Kristina, Susan, Lindsey and Tarah!

If you’re a blogger attending BEA or the Book Bloggers Conference, don’t miss out out on the NetGalley Wellness Challenge!

NetGalley Wellness Challenge

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World Book Night comes to a city near you – April 23rd


One night a year book lovers around the world volunteer their time to hand out books to those who don’t see themselves as “readers” and/or don’t have access to books. I’m excited to be participating in World Book Night 2013! I’ve been aware of World Book Night for years but I didn’t realize how organized and widespread it was. Last fall a coworker suggested we sign up as volunteers, so I went to the World Book Night website and found a volunteer application that requires an explanation of why you would be a good volunteer ( i.e. why you love books) and what location in your city/town you think would be a great spot to hand out books.

Without hesitation I started filling out the application, thinking long and hard about why I love books and why I am qualified to be a literacy advocate. My love of books began with the supportive teachers who taught me how to read, and how to enjoy reading. I also had parents who encouraged my thirst for books by always borrowing, lending, or buying the books I might have been interested in.  This led to my love of reading to escape my day-to-day surroundings— being absorbed by a story is a magical way to forget about all those rational, realistic obligations and responsibilities we’re required to consider and accomplish each day. Since I had these fantastic opportunities that most of us (myself included) take for granted sometimes, I figured it was time to share this with my neighborhood.

Luckily, I was selected as a Book Giver and started receiving email updates from World Book Night informing me of which book I will be handing out (Bossypants, by Tina Fey) and where I would pick them up (my local independent bookstore).  When I was given the green light to pick up my books, I went to the bookstore and received 20 copies of Bossypants with a smile, a flower (this was something the bookstore did on their own, and it certainly made my day), and a “thank you” from the bookseller. With books and Book Giver instructions in hand, I (and thousands of volunteers across the world) will be handing out one of the 2013 World Book Night titles on April 23rd in our neighborhoods to help encourage reading for pleasure and, in turn, literacy.

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BEA Bloggers Conference and NetGalley

If you’ll be in NYC for BookExpo America, we want to meet you! NetGalley will be attending the BEA Bloggers Conference on Wednesday, May 29th, as well as the rest of the annual BookExpo America tradeshow through June 1st. Read on for full details, including how you can sign up for a face-to-face meeting with me, your Reader Concierge! We can’t wait to see you.

BEA Bloggers gif                              NetGalley Wellness Challenge

Register to attend BEA Bloggers Conference to learn, be inspired, and connect with book bloggers, authors, and publishing industry professionals. You will benefit from a jam-packed day of education, extreme networking, and the passion and fun that surrounds book blogging.

Last year’s BEA Bloggers Conference was a huge success with over 400 attendees, and the BEA team is eager to build on this success! BEA Bloggers Conference will once again take place the day before BEA, Wednesday, May 29th (the BEA exhibit floor opens on Thursday, May 30th). Will Schwalbe will be the Opening Keynote speaker at 9:15am, and Randi Zuckerberg will be the Closing Keynote speaking at 4:00pm. The conference will also feature other notable panelists over the course of the day.

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National Library Week – Send Us Your Photos!

National Library Week

Today, we’re excited to begin celebrating National Library Week! We love working with the librarian community on NetGalley and know that librarians love their communities, too. How are you observing this year’s Communities Matter @ Your Library theme? The American Library Association (ALA) has a lot of great promotional ideas from libraries around the country.

In honor of National Library Week, we’re asking all NetGalley members to share a photo of what makes their library unique. It could be a special display, a clever way to showcase new books, your favorite spot to claim, or even an architectural feature of the building. What makes your library yours? Snap a photo and post it on the NetGalley Facebook timeline, or email it to us directly. And look for more fun this week, including on Twitter (#nlw13) and Pinterest.

I hope you caught this month’s NetGalley at the Library newsletter, which includes new titles to preview and recommend to your patrons, as well as some helpful NetGalley tips. Did you know we have a partnership with the ALA? If you are a librarian who uses NetGalley be sure to add your ALA member number to your NetGalley profile.  When you do, a special designation will be visible to publishers when you request a title. We anticipate that librarians who enter their ALA numbers will be approved more quickly and often.

We look forward to seeing your photos of what makes your library so special!

First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support. All types of libraries — school, public, academic and special — participate.”via