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Connect with publishers (and their books!) on NetGalley

Unlike an online bookstore where visitors interact primarily with BOOKS, NetGalley members have always had a distinct relationship with PUBLISHERS via the site. After all, it’s the publisher who decides when or if to make a title available for request, approves or declines member requests, and auto-approves members. While we, of course, also promote books (and while most members find titles through category browsing), it has long been our intention to deliver a showcase of all a publisher’s titles via the NetGalley platform. Today we’re delighted to announce that the first set of features is live, in a redesigned Browse Publisher section of the site.


Members can click any publisher name to:

  • View logo, summary, approval preferences and social media links.
  • Add a publisher as a “favorite.” When members are browsing the full list of publishers, their list will be personally annotated with special icons for their favorite publishers, or publishers who have auto-approved them.
  • View recently added titles; most requested; AND titles previously on NetGalley which are now archived. This is a quick way to see titles that were promoted on NetGalley and to purchase a title if you missed it while it was available for request.
  • We’ve seen a growing trend of members who search for private or archived titles that they EXPECT to find on NetGalley, and this feature meets that previously unfulfilled demand. Plus, we’ve added a way that publishers can feature NetGalley member reviews (with appropriate credit to the reviewer) on any title detail page on NetGalley—making the archived title pages more valuable as a source for consolidated feedback from the community.

We expect all of these features to evolve over time, as we measure usage and hear from publishers and readers (for example, to include notifications to readers when their reviews are added.) You can read the full press announcement here.

Don’t forget, members can always share reviews with their personal Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn communities via NetGalley at any time. Enjoy!


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