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15 Top Covers for 2015

We’ve rounded up the top 15 most-loved covers that you voted on in 2015! Click on each cover to read the full description, and “Like” the cover if you haven’t already. And while you’re visiting the book’s page, you can also request, wish for, or purchase it. If you’ve already read these books, don’t forget to share feedback with the publisher and with your friends and followers. 

Tell us on Twitter (and use #BookAdvocate) or below in the comments, which covers you’re loving right now, and they could be included in January’s Cover Love!


14 thoughts on “Cover Love – 2015 edition

  1. I love book covers, after all it is the thing that first draws you to a book. I think a cover can make all the difference to book sales, so many are too alike.

  2. Book covers definitely sell books, I have found myself buying a book because I fell in love with the cover. Right now I like the cover of Ian Rankin’s Only Dogs in the Wild.

  3. . In an early part of my life, I was a chef and in school they taught us that “we eat with our eyes”.Cover Art is aimed at tempting the reader to pick up a book and, hopefully, compells us to at least try it…because we might like it.

    I love cover art. I have collected cover art posters most of my adult life. Right now, my favorite covers are coming out of #Henery Press

  4. Covers are very important. When I worked with teens in our high school library, they were very likely to consider the cover first before reading the book. I myself find alluring covers grab my attention and are a good starting point to my decision to read. There’s also the description, the author and positive reviews that factor into my selection. Basically though, If the cover is unappealing, I am inclined to overlook it, but if it’s gorgeous, I might be tempted to read it despite having no other factors to recommend it. The artwork that comprises the cover is especially important if it can hook readers through just a glance. More than a marketing tool, the cover should reveal something about the story inside – a hint of the wonder to be found between the covers.

  5. These are all some very stunning covers. Especially Illuminae which is my favorite book of all the ones I’ve read in the last two months. My current favorite cover is for Wandering Star by Romina Russell.. Love the use of colors in it.

  6. My daughter is a graphic designer and does academic book covers she has won awards for etc. A lot goes into it not just the image in the cover but the fonts colors everything! In this group Spelled is the best as its real eye catchy in both the image of the shoes and the fonts. Well that’s my opinion honestly I don’t read any of these authors as I read mainly Scottish historical fiction. So this is an unbiased opinion.

  7. I find that covers make a great 1st impression but that doesn’t always sway me, the author & description will get my attention.

  8. I love book covers, sometimes they what initially opens the door for the novel. The combination of the colors, the fonts and the illustrations grab the reader and pull them forward. I have noticed that sometimes bold is not always the key though. I would have to say that Passenger, Everything, Everything, A Whole New World and A Thousand Nights are my top picks out of these titles for covers. Thanks NetGalley!

  9. Book Covers are like curb appeal. When buying a house, it either draws you in or it leaves you at the curb. I often think that the author has invested so much of himself/herself into the contents then why would the publisher resort to a dull, cheap cover? Whether long-established or the new kid on the block, authors deserve a bit of window dressing for their hard work.

  10. I have to admit to being enticed into reading the synopsis on a book by a great cover, but it has to grab my interest or I go on to the next possibility. I probably miss a few good books due to poor covers too. My one complaint, a loud one, is when you can’t read the authors name because it’s the same color as the background or tiny. I look first for author, like to know who I’m reading.

  11. Book covers are what first entices you to pick up a book and read its synopsis. Sometimes if I love a book and see a better cover I will buy it and donate the other. When there has been a lot of thought a time put in the design of a book jacket or cover, I automatically assume the book must be worth reading. Yes, I have been wrong with that theory, but I can’t help it.

  12. I admit cover is the very first thing that would either intrigue me or not intrigue me to pick the book. I fell in love at the first sight with the covers of The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend and Every Last Word and surely enough, their stories were indeed incredible.

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