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Live Your Best NetGalley Life

Your input directly influences the enhancements we make to NetGalley. And we’ve heard you: As book advocates and industry professionals, your schedules are important. Staying organized is a cornerstone to being productive, so today we’re introducing some new features to help.

Your Weekly Checklist

You asked, we listened! Our members love lists as much as we do. Now you can receive a weekly Checklist email to help you prioritize the books you need to read and review first—so you don’t miss their optimal time-frame. Here’s a sneak peek at the email, which you can turn on/off within your Profile (Additional Info > Subscriptions).

Complete Feedback Process

As you know, your reviews and feedback are essential to publishers, authors, and other readers. NetGalley members are expected to provide feedback for the books they access, in exchange for getting free digital review copies. When you finish reading a book, make sure to submit your reviews, star ratings, opinions, and industry list nominations.

We’ve made some small enhancements to the Feedback section, including splitting into two pages: Review & Opinions. Depending on your member type, you’ll need to submit the first page (Review or Opinions) before the next page will appear. Plus, we want to acknowledge that there are legitimate reasons why you may not be able to submit feedback for certain books—so we’ve added a “Will Not Give Feedback” option to allow you explain why you aren’t reviewing, and to better organize your Shelf. Submitting “Will Not Give Feedback” will move the book off your Give Feedback list, but will not count towards your overall feedback ratio. Read more here.

Our goal is to help, when we can, resolve any issues that are preventing you from submitting feedback. We will be carefully analyzing the “Will Not Give Feedback” responses to improve the NetGalley service for our members and publishers. And you will still be able to submit full feedback later (for instance, if a file issue is resolved).

Reminders to Share Reviews

Once you’ve submitted feedback, you can increase the visibility and value of your reviews by sharing to your blog, social platforms, and retail sites. This is especially important around the publication date. We’ve made it easier to see which reviews are ready to be shared by adding a new section of your Shelf (Feedback Sent > Post to Retail Sites).


We take our goal of helping books succeed very seriously, and we know you do too. We hope these changes will help you create your optimal NetGalley workflow and give you more tools to communicate with us and authors/publishers.

Thanks, as always, for your dedication and support.
The NetGalley Team


10 thoughts on “Live Your Best NetGalley Life

  1. I think this is a great idea! Right now I have a notebook of books I want to read, am reading, did read, or need to read/review…along with a date has to be reviewed by and where to post. Whew. But sometimes I don’t get around to checking my notebook…and bang….I’m behind. I also notice a few books have already been published when I get them…so I might not be in such a hurry to read/review as those upcoming. Any help keeping tabs is greatly appreciated! If I add a retail site, such as Amazon as noted above…will my review be automatically posted there? Would save time and i’d Be sure not to miss it.

  2. I am completely down with this idea! I thrive on lists and I constantly forget to post my reviews here. This would immensely helpful in making sure I get everything caught up!

  3. Yes!!!!!! I would love this. Lists are very important in my life. Definitely helps me remember important things. Even though I have no problem remembering books that i have to read lol

  4. Fabulous tool. I believe you’ve fixed the problem of double entries in GoodReads as well, for when we post a review here and a copy goes to GRs, it doesn’t create another entry if we have one setup already while we were reading that book. Hope so. Thanks.

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