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Your name: Anna Cade

What genre does your blog focus on? 

Oh I’m a Romance girl all the way. From very sweet and innocent to full out kinky 🙂 And then a little UF and mystery thrown in now and again

What is your favorite romance sub-genre?

At the moment historical romance. Something about the prim and proper exteriors with a little wild spirit tucked inside. It’s just a fascinating combo. And then…all the dresses and accessories. Loves!

What is your favorite trait in a hero? Heroine?

For my heroines I love when they’re feisty and smart. When they have that take no prisoners attitude and don’t fall into the TSTL category. Those are the best heroines.

And for my heroes…Oh can I just have one of each type please? I love a strong alpha male that’s willing to do anything and everything to protect those he loves. And I’m always up for a broody/grumpy hero that’s a little damaged emotionally and physically. It’s so interesting watching their reactions when they fall for their heroine.

How long have you been blogging about books and why did you start?

Almost 3 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long. We’ll turn 3 on January 1st. I was reading way too fast and my memory…oh so not my friend some days…so I started up the blog originally to just keep track of what I was reading in each series. And then slowly added other things in—blogging tutorials, an author advice column, cooking posts and some on the herd (pets are a big thing here). It’s been a fun ride.

How often do you blog?

Pretty much every day. Now and again I’ll take a day off but it’s pretty rare. If I do take a day off I always feel like I’ve “missed” something important. It’s totally my baby and I miss the people I e-hang out with if I’m gone too long.

What is your favorite cover on NetGalley right now?

Oh my gosh that was such a bad thing. *hangs head* I now have a lot more reading to do after browsing through all the titles. LOL So many amazing looking books! Yay! I just couldn’t choose. I’m all about the covers when I read so my top 4 (sorry! I’m bad at following rules lol). Carolyn Brown’s Trouble with Texas Cowboys—Just can’t help but smile over it. The Prince Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins and Elizabeth Hoyt’s Darling Beast—both are just incredible historical covers. So vivid and eye catching. And then Marie Harte’s What to do with a Bad Boy—Awesome the heroine is sporting the tattoo sleeve and it’s just a hot/fun cover.

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Which review that you recently submitted via NetGalley is your favorite?

Promise Me This by Christina Lee. Oh my word. It just about did me in. She’s an incredible writer and just stunned me with the story she told—in a good way. And it has a gorgeous cover 🙂

Click here to read Anna’s review!

How has being a NetGalley member impacted your blogging?

Access to so many amazing stories for sure. It was wonderful when I was starting up blogging to be able to check out new releases and find new to me authors. A couple of my now absolute favorites were ones I originally found via NetGalley (yay!)

What is the most gratifying thing about being a book blogger?

When someone messages me somehow to let me know that they picked up one of the books I reviewed and absolutely loved it. It’s wonderful being able to share stories that touched me in some way and know that others found something special in them as well.

What is your favorite aspect of your blog?

How involved all of my followers are. They’re a great group of people and really make every day fun and interesting. And they’re okay with me being a little (okay a LOT) eclectic and sometimes naughty. Some days I blog about historical romance. Some days about extreme BDSM. With cat posts, cooking posts (tasty delights & dazzling disasters) and a spot of total random mixed in now and again too. And they come along for the ride and enjoy the madness with me. I love that they’re so open to things and even if it’s not their type of read (or post) will sometimes take a risk and try it out with me.

If you were going on a long journey and could bring no books or devices, but you had time to commit just one book to memory, which would it be?

Oh I totally just had a ‘le gasp’ moment. LOL I’d probably go with Lover Awakened. I’m a total Zsadist girl. I don’t re-read often but his book is one I’ve read 3 times now and loved it every time.

Thanks so much Anna! We hope everyone took away a tip or two, and maybe a new book to request. Please make sure to check out the Herding Cats & Burning Soup blog and stay tuned for our next Blogger Spotlight!

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*Interviewed by Tarah Theoret


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