Activities and Resources for #BookAdvocates

WATCH: Last week’s webcast (if you haven’t already) for tips and insights when writing reviews.

MEET: A Bookseller Book Advocate (Lexi Beach from the Astoria Bookshop) in our first-ever Bookseller Spotlight! Discover how Lexi became a bookseller, what upcoming books she’s excited
about, and her tips for writing in-store recommendations.

DISCOVER: The Scavenger Hunt answer, and request it! If you missed the fun, watch for the next Scavenger Hunt (starting around 10am EDT on Tuesday) on our blog and Twitter. Plus, the winner’s of this week’s prize are listed!

READ: Tips from guest experts on our blog–updated throughout the Challenge.

Keep up the great work and happy reading!

Tarah Theoret
Community Manager, NetGalley


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