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New changes at NetGalley help better connect you to books you’ll love
—Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley

Have you noticed anything new when you login to NetGalley? We made a series of changes to the site last week designed to make it even easier for readers to browse, request, organize and provide feedback on titles they are reading through NetGalley.

When you next Browse the NetGalley catalog to view titles available for request from our publishers, you’ll see we’ve added two new links. READ NOW titles can be immediately accessed by a member—-so if you’re new to NetGalley, or new to professional reading and recommending, this is a great place to start. Many of our publishers list their titles there for a limited time (sometimes just a day or two), so think of this as a surprise bucket of new books just waiting for you.

And, if you are auto-approved by a publisher, you’ll see a new link for “Auto-approvals” when you Browse. When a publisher auto-approves you, you can automatically access any of their titles available in the catalog. This section is like your own customized catalog—-and is only visible to you, when you sign in.
Why would a publisher auto-approve you? Generally, publishers auto-approve members they already have a relationship with (a media professional, librarian, blogger, bookseller, etc.) or someone who has requested their titles, has a strong profile, and submits reviews for their titles. If you have a favorite publisher (mine is Knopf), try clicking on their name from Browse Publishers to learn more about what they are looking for. Here’s St. Martin’s Press as an example.

We have tons of resources to help you improve your book recommending power, from our own book blog and reviews, to the NetGalley Wellness Challenge, a 9-week challenge you can join right now. This is an area we’ll be expanding on throughout 2013 and into next year.

Finally, under Categories, we’ve added both Women’s Fiction, and New Adult. Think of New Adult as “Young Adult on steroids”—-this is a category we’re hearing a lot about from publishers and readers, and we’re delighted to introduce it on NetGalley. If you’re interested, Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker looks like a good place to start (and the cover is beautiful).

Remember that Feedback is very important to the publishers who approve your requests and invite you to view their titles before they are published. As a professional reader, you are in a unique position to influence what people read next, so whether you are a librarian, bookseller, book blogger or media critic, we encourage you to share Feedback for as many titles as you can. Many of the changes we’ve recently made to your Shelf (and Reading List) are designed to give you tools to organize what you will review next. I’ll leave you with this short video which many of our members have found helpful as they navigate.

It’s our pleasure to work every day with a member community that is passionate about reading and talking about new books. Thanks for reading (and recommending).


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