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The NetGalley team is honored to receive the Gold Award from the LibraryWorks, Inc. 2015 inaugural Modern Library Awards (MLA’s.)

Did you know that over 22,000 librarians worldwide are using NetGalley (for free) to discover new titles to purchase for their library collection and recommend to their patrons?

As a new or existing NetGalley member, you can:

  • Request digital galleys from over 300 publishers which can be read on all major reading devices and tablets. NetGalley’s friendly staff can help you, too!
  • Receive invitations from publishers to access a title immediately, as well as a complimentary monthly newsletter just for librarians featuring new titles.
  • Be auto-approved by publishers for instant access for all their titles, so you won’t need to wait for your request to be approved!
  • Use NetGalley to submit your feedback privately to publishers (such as comments on the title itself, if you will be purchasing a title, or if the title will be used in special programs.)

Also, librarians who are members of the American Library Association (ALA) can add their ALA numbers to their NetGalley profile. (Add your ALA number today!)
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Reader Spotlight

Blog name: From the TBR Pile
Blog URL:
Your name: Kari Boardman & Autumn Crochet

What genre(s) does your blog focus on?

Kari– The great thing about our blog is that we review a lot of different genres. Autumn and I both have our preferences. I am more of the romance & New Adult reader.

Autumn– Between the two of us, we really cover a broad spectrum. I like to read the crime novels and the psychological thrillers. I’ll check out adult literature, especially books that have a lot of buzz and the one’s that are up for prizes. We both do a lot of YA reading too.

How long have you been blogging about books and why did you start?

Kari– I started blogging a few months after Autumn started From the TBR Pile. We have been on-line friends for years and she knew I loved to read a lot, so she asked me to join her. It’s been about 4 years for me.

Autumn– I started a little over 4 years ago. I saw a blurb somewhere that publishers were looking for book bloggers and that was something that I had never even heard of, but I had been blogging about other things for several years so I thought I could do that! I tried it on my own for awhile and decided it would be more fun and less stressful to do it with someone else.

How often do you blog?

Kari– We like to have a new blog up every day. I definitely blog more than Autumn right now. She is in nursing school, so I have more time to read. I probably do about 5 out of 7 days a week.

Autumn– Thank goodness for Kari right now! We like to have meaningful, new content every day. Since I started nursing school I’ve been less able to contribute because I’ve been so busy. I listen to audiobooks on my way back and forth to school and I write up my reviews to fill in around Kari’s posts.


What is your favorite cover on NetGalley right now?

Kari– That a really hard question. There are so many creative covers on there right now, it’s hard to pick just one!

Autumn– I am such a sucker for a good cover. I can’t tell you how many books I pick on cover alone. People do judge books by covers. I promise you, they do! One of the ones I like right now is Denton’s Little Deathdate by Lance Rubin. That cover would make me pick the book up.


Which review that you recently submitted via NetGalley is your favorite?

Kari– My most recent review for a book that I loved was A Single Kiss by Grace Burrowes. It’s a really sweet romance! (Read Kari’s review here)

Autumn– The Young World by Chris Weitz. There are so many dystopian YA books out there and it seems like the genre would be played out by now, but every now and then there’s a book that comes out keeps me excited about the genre. This book had some clever ideas and a fantastic ending. (Read Autumn’s review here)

How has being a NetGalley member impacted your blogging?

Kari– With NetGalley, I’ve been able to try new genres that I never would have tried before. I have discovered some great new authors as well as reconnected with old favorites. It’s been fun to introduce our readers to debut authors that they may never have found on their own.

Autumn– NetGalley has broadened my reading interests. I’ve been able to try out some authors that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s helped me tap into some book trends ahead of the crowd.

What is the most gratifying thing about being a book blogger?

Kari– For me it really is about sharing my love of books and reading. The possibility that I could help someone find their next favorite read is exciting to me.

Autumn– I enjoy when a new author or book gets really popular when we featured it on our blog early on. I like to think that maybe we had a little hand in the success.

What is your favorite aspect of your blog?

Kari– I like our “Books We Didn’t Finish” posts that we do every month. Autumn and I choose 3-4 books that we stopped reading and give our reasons why. I love doing those.

Autumn– Mine is the “Joint Review”. Maybe once or twice a month we’ll both read the same book or listen to the same audiobook. We each give our opinion of it. Sometimes we agree on it, sometimes we don’t.   I always like to see what parts we each like and don’t like.

As a team, do you often have the same opinion on books you’ve read?

Kari– I would say it’s about 50/50. We sometimes read and review the same book in a “joint review” post. I like that we differ on our opinions sometimes. It keeps things interesting.

Autumn– We tend to agree on the “big issues” like YA trilogies have got to go and Fifty Shades of Grey was terrible. I’m always surprised when we disagree about something, but when we do it always leads to a pretty good text messaging discussion.

What one piece of advice would you give book bloggers who are just starting out?

Kari– Blog the books you love, but also blog the books you don’t. Just be honest in how you feel about a book. Also, don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and try a new genre.

Autumn– Get a game plan, get organized, and network. Also, be professional. As a blogger, I don’t like seeing sloppy, distasteful posts and I’m sure publishers and authors don’t either.

If you were going on a long journey and could bring no books or devices, but you had time to commit just one book to memory, which would it be?

Kari– This is like asking me to pick a favorite child! What a hard choice! If I really had to choose, it would probably be The Stand by Stephen King. It is my all time favorite good vs. evil book.

Autumn– I’ve thought more about this question than any other. One of my most favorite books, that I’ve read over and over is The Alienist by Caleb Carr. I think I’d pick that one.

Thanks so much Kari and Autumn! We hope everyone took away a tip or two, and maybe a new book to request. Please make sure to check out From the TBR Pile and stay tuned for our next Blogger Spotlight!

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*Interviewed by Tarah Theoret

News from NetGalley

What a remarkable year it’s been at NetGalley!
Take a peek at some fun facts about NetGalley in 2014 in our annual infographic below.

We look forward to connecting you with even more books you’ll love in 2015!

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Cover Love

December edition

The year is almost at a close, and we’re excited to celebrate by sharing some more beautiful covers, including YOUR top-loved cover this month–GOLDEN SON by Pierce Brown, available for request!

Click through to read the full description, request the title, and “Like” the cover if you haven’t already. If you’ve already read these titles don’t forget to share feedback with the publisher and with your social network.

University of Notre Dame Press

Pub Date Sep 15 2014

Granta Publications

Pub Date Mar 6 2014

St. Martin's Press

Pub Date Jan 13 2015


Pub Date Apr 14 2015

News from NetGalley

It’s gift-giving season…

And there’s no one we appreciate more than our readers!  

That’s why our member dashboard has been redesigned to reflect your personal preferences and browsing categories, making it easier than ever to find titles to request, read and review.

Start exploring right now at or take a tour of the new dashboard below!

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On behalf of all of us at NetGalley, best wishes for a book-filled 2015!

Happy holidays!
Tarah Theoret
Community Manager, NetGalley

News from NetGalley

We’re pleased to announce the release of the new NetGalley homepage! If you’ve visited NetGalley today (and if you haven’t, go right now), you’ll notice our fresh new design that is both user-friendly and updated with the latest information about our services. While you’re there, make sure to check out this week’s featured titles!

For a trip down memory lane, take a look at the evolution of NetGalley:

September 2007, NetGalley in the beginning:

May 2009:

October 2012, NetGalley relaunches:

December 2014, NetGalley today:

On behalf of the NetGalley team, thank you for your past and future support of NetGalley!

News from NetGalley

Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to thank all of our members and publishers for sharing your gratitude last week. Your posts on Twitter and Facebook using #thankspublishers reached over 450,000 people and clearly demonstrated how amazing the NetGalley community is!

Curious to see what others said? Click to view comments from both members and publishers on Twitter and Facebook – and if you haven’t already, feel free to join the fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s our tradition to take a moment at Thanksgiving to thank you for your loyalty and support.

We are grateful to have a dedicated community of readers, reviewers, recommenders, and book-champions. Look below to see the impact NetGalley members have in making new books successful!

You can pass the Thanksgiving goodwill along by thanking publishers who use digital galleys. Post a thank you message on our Facebook page, or on Twitter using #thankspublishers. We’ll collect and share each “thank you” on your behalf.

Because of you…


  • The NetGalley community is now over 210,000 members!
  • Since the start of 2014, nearly 1,500,000 books have been read through NetGalley.
  • Nearly 400,000 reviews and recommendations have been submitted so far this year.

Your participation in NetGalley has helped to place great books in bookstores, academic courses, schools and libraries across the country. And perhaps most importantly, enthusiastic readers like yourself have discovered new books, fallen in love with spell-binding stories, learned about a timely or relevant topic, and become life-long fans of new authors.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to help you discover new books. On behalf of our team (and the 300+ publishers and hundreds of authors who use NetGalley), thank you!

All best,
Tarah Theoret
Community Manager, NetGalley


Cover Love

November Edition

We are so thankful for beautiful covers! Here are some that you may want to pick up after dessert, plus YOUR top-loved cover this month–THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS by M.J.Rose, available for request!

Click through to read the full description, request the title, and “Like” the cover if you haven’t already. If you’ve already read these titles don’t forget to share feedback with the publisher and with your social network.


Pub Date Sep 1 2014

Oxford University Press

Pub Date Dec 1 2014


Pub Date Feb 24 2015


Pub Date May 2 2015

Atria Books

Pub Date March 17 2015


Reader Spotlight


Blog name: herding cats & burning soup
Blog URL:
Your name: Anna Cade

What genre does your blog focus on? 

Oh I’m a Romance girl all the way. From very sweet and innocent to full out kinky 🙂 And then a little UF and mystery thrown in now and again

What is your favorite romance sub-genre?

At the moment historical romance. Something about the prim and proper exteriors with a little wild spirit tucked inside. It’s just a fascinating combo. And then…all the dresses and accessories. Loves! Continue reading “Blogger Spotlight – Romance”


Reader Spotlight


Blog name: Chapter by Chapter
Blog URL:
Your name: MaryAnn and Gabby

What genre does your blog focus on? 

MaryAnn: We primarily focus on Young Adult books, but also review some middle grade, New Adult, and some adult reads. Of course, due to the content of most of the New Adult and Adult titles, I’m the one who reads those for review.  Just a couple more years, and I’m sure Gabby will possibly want to venture into those genres.

Gabby: Young-Adult and all the many subgenres that fall into YA.
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