NetGalley Devours: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

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Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
Knopf; Pub Date: Sept 9, 2014

When NetGalley first launched, one of the very first books we had on the site was Last Night in Montreal by Emily St. John Mandel. Today both NetGalley’s and St. John Mandel’s profiles have grown tremendously, but reviewing Station Eleven still feels a bit like coming home.

In the last three books I’ve read, the world as we know it has ended: a disquieting trend that has me catching my kids for an extra kiss, just in case. I started with California, the Colbert-fueled sensation by Edan Lepucki, and moved to The Book of Strange New Things by Michael Faber, featured in the latest edition of the Buzz Book project we promote in partnership with Publishers Lunch. Of the three, Station Eleven is preferred.

(Though a quick note on The Book of Strange New Things, which has not garnered nearly the same media attention: the central character, a priest with a checkered history of alcohol and drug abuse, addresses questions of faith so beautifully and simply, it’s worth a read. The missives between the priest, who is serving as a missionary on a new planet, and his wife, who remains on Earth as the world deteriorates, strike a perfect balance of the mundane and profound in a way that all couples can relate. It’s a book to give to a friend who likes to ponder, can appreciate clever and sophisticated writing and themes, but has a good sense of fun, too. There is a current of understated humor running throughout.

But back to Station Eleven, where the motto of the book’s traveling symphony is cheekily taken from Star Trek: Because survival is insufficient. The book is a swan song for all that is lost in the world, big and small, and the author captures that sentiment in a way that had me looking around for days at all the “taken for granted miracles that had persisted all around them.” The characters in the book are connected cleverly throughout the book—-a paperweight passes from friend to ex-wife to mistress; a dog’s name persists from pre-apocalypse to Year 15 of a new world; and more. The book cleverly see-saws between the character’s connections at the end of the current world, and their roles and histories twenty years hence.

Most of all (and missing from the other two books) Station Eleven is hopeful. In the most bitter of environments, Shakespeare persists, costumes are meaningful, and objects continue to have sentimental meaning. It’s that element that had us select this book at our UK Book of the Month (check out the UK cover here) and why it’s sure to top many lists over the coming months.

—Reviewed by Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley



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The 2014 NetGalley Wellness Challenge has officially come to an end (but you can still unofficially join at any time!)


During this year’s Challenge we focused on how NetGalley members “book talk,” meaning how members get the word out about books they read on NetGalley. We provided suggestions and examples via email, social media, 2 live webinars, and in-person at BookExpo America.

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image We continue to hear first-hand from publishers how word-of-mouth can truly help make or break a book’s success.

Today Dina Sherman, School & Library Marketing Director at Disney Book Group, has some words for our members:

“‘Professional’ reviews are essential as marketing tools, but it’s reader reviews (from teachers, librarians, booksellers, bloggers) that really get us excited about our books. Both staff and authors want to know that people like, or even better, love, the book as much as we do!


Probably my favorite NetGalley review of all time was for CODE NAME VERITY.  It was an in-house favorite (OK, let’s be honest, an in-house obsession) from the first time we read the manuscript. We talked about it all the time, shared it with every person we met, but couldn’t quite sum up our feelings.

Then came this wonderful reviewer*, who wrote, “Suck it, Hemingway.”  Exactly! It became our rallying cry and we would say it in meetings whenever we were trying to express our feelings about the book. It certainly helped us keep pushing to get it out into the world.”

* Written and submitted by Katherine Montgomery, educator

You can view Disney Book Group titles on NetGalley here to request and review.

Take a peek at our best practices for Feedback here (whether you’re a blogger/reviewer, librarian, bookseller, media professional, or educator), and don’t forget to sign the Wellness Challenge Pledge!


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I know that we all have BEA on the brain, and are being bombarded with all the great titles that will be promoted there. I’m excited to get in on the recommending-action with something as simple as these beautiful covers. If you enjoy these lovely book covers, click through to read the full description and request the title from the publisher.

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image We’re focusing this year’s NetGalley Wellness Challenge on Feedback and Reviews, because we’ve heard first-hand from publishers how word-of-mouth can truly help make or break a book’s success.

Today Pamela Brown, Marketing Director for Mulholland Books, has some words for our members:

No one is more important to a book’s success than you, dear reader.

“Marketers can spin their wheels coming up with creative contests, viral videos, and sought-after swag, but at the end of the day, we know it’s your recommendation—to your friends, to your family, to your colleagues—that matter.

Take, for example, Lauren Beukes’s The Shining Girls. I made myself hoarse singing its praises, but it was not until reviewers like you started talking about Kirby Mizrachi and the time-traveling serial killer that it became one of last summer’s must-reads. Thank you. Please wield your power wisely by reviewing what you read and recommending what you love.”

You can view Mulholland Books’ titles on NetGalley here to request and review.

Take a peek at our best practices for Feedback here (whether you’re a blogger/reviewer, librarian, bookseller, media professional, or educator), and don’t forget to sign the Wellness Challenge Pledge!