Indie Next List

March edition

Today the American Booksellers Association announced the selections for the March Indie Next list, drawn from the recommendations of indie booksellers throughout the US. You can request many of these titles on NetGalley right now, and view more information on the ABA site

If you are a bookseller, you can nominate titles for the Indie Next list via NetGalley, and receive special access to new galleys via the Digital White Box program. Sign up today!

Shotgun Lovesongs: A Novel      Gemini: A Novel      The Weight of Blood: A Novel      The Museum of Extraordinary Things      The Accident
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”A       The Spinning Heart: A Novel      Above: A Novel       Bark: Stories         Runner
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While Beauty Slept     The Black-Eyed Blonde: A Philip Marlowe Novel (Philip Marlowe Series)       Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel       The Wives of Los Alamos: A Novel       Redeployment
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Additional Indie Next Titles, not currently available on NetGalley:

The Enchanted: A Novel by Rene Denfeld
ISBN 9780062285508

After I’m Gone: A Novel by Laura Lippman
ISBN 9780062083395

The Good Luck of Right Now: A Novel by Matthew Quick
ISBN 9780062285539

The Weirdness: A Novel by Jeremy P. Bushnell
ISBN 9781612193151

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade by Walter Kim
ISBN 9780871404510


Recipes for Success: 5 Top Tips for Writing a Book Review

At NetGalley, we’re always looking for new ways to help our members improve their chances of being approved, and give better feedback. So we’ve put together a video of top tips for reviewers – as compiled by Stuart Evers, NetGalley UK. Stuart’s a published writer in the UK and has written hundreds of reviews and blogs for some of the UK’s biggest publications, and these are his top 5 ways to make your blog and book reviews more effective. Let us know what tip you found most helpful below, or via Twitter #NGextras

Recipes for Success aims to give NetGalley members helpful information, tools, and best practices to help facilitate your growth and effectiveness as professional readers. Check back often for tips and tricks from the insiders.

News from NetGalley

All of us at NetGalley wish you the very happiest of holidays, and we look forward to sharing great reads with you in the new year! As we come to the close of 2013, we like to look back and see how far we’ve come in the last 365 days. This year, we again saw extraordinary growth, activity, and support from our readers and publishers—and as always, we’re so grateful. Take a peek at some fun facts in our infographic below, and then chime in!

What stat do you find most interesting? What burning question do you have about NetGalley? Did you keep any of your own reading/recommending stats this year that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see your comments below, or via Twitter #NGextras

[Click image to enlarge]

News from NetGalley

Kristina Radke, NetGalley’s Publisher Liaison and Communications Manager, spoke on a panel to a group of AAR members about protecting authors’ content in a digital age.

Last week I joined Lance Fitzgerald, Rights Director at Simon & Schuster, and Skott Klebe of Copyright Clearance Center to discuss how authors’ content can be protected at every stage of the publishing process, from the initial agents’ inquiries all the way through publication. Moderated by Jennifer Weltz of JVNLA, Inc. the panel proved to be a lively discussion.

I was asked to share an overview of how NetGalley helps publishers and authors protect their content, while still enabling them to share digital files with readers who may need the text. Whether used to share galleys with professional readers to help build buzz about a title, disseminate a title for wide reading in-house, or to pitch foreign rights, publishers are using NetGalley to securely send digital files and easily track who has had access to a particular file.

Often, agents are contractually allowed a certain number of printed galleys for their own use for translations, foreign rights sales, or their own publicity efforts. With NetGalley, publishers can quickly and easily grant agents access to a NetGalley widget, which would allow them to securely share digital files with their own trusted contacts. Digital galleys offer agents an opportunity to cut down on mailing costs and speed delivery of content.

NetGalley respects our clients’ right to protect their content and allows clients to select what type of security they want to place on their files. But beyond DRM, NetGalley clients are able to closely track who has had access to their files, giving publishers and authors the ability to report on the success of their campaigns.

Other topics that audience members were interested in discussing included concerns about torrent sites, publishers’ internal security and tracking of illegal files, take down notices and how they work, and technical aspects of file security. Lance spoke quite a bit about his own experience working in-house to sell foreign rights using digital files and the procedures S&S has in place for identifying illegal content and sending take-down notices.

Skott spoke at length about the questions agents should be asking of publishers—what sort of file transfer processes are in place, whether they actively search for illegal content online, etc.—and how the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) affects these concerns.

Thank you, Jennifer, for inviting me to participate and recognizing NetGalley’s important role in helping the industry quickly and easily share secure digital files.

Visit for more information about the Association of Authors Representatives and this panel.

-Kristina Radke

News from NetGalley

NetGalley Goes to Hollywood

Lindsey Rudnickas, NetGalley’s Digital Marketing Manager, had the opportunity to speak at last week’s HOLLYWOOD LIT RETREAT to a packed crowd of film/TV producers, authors, screenwriters, studio execs, media capitalists, production & media companies, and technologists. Her topic was “Book Buzz & Discoverability in the Future of Storytelling” and here is a transcript of her talk:

I want tell you a story about a really great party…

Think about the last time you decided which book to read next.

Were you in a Library? Or a bookstore? Reading the book reviews in a newspaper? On your computer, reading a blog or article?

Or maybe you were at a dinner party where a friend mentioned the book they just finished. Why is it that when a friend recommends a book, you’re more inclined to read it and love it? Why is it that certain forms of book discovery are more powerful than others?

We’re all more inclined to try something only after someone else has tried it first, and readers are the same way. And many of us have that drive to be the FIRST—we want to be part of IT, part of the MOMENT when the next big book becomes a big deal. Think about how many people love to say they read Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey before it became a success! We all want to be part of the party, and we want to bring our friends to the party. We want to discover something that moves us, and help our friends be moved by it too.
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News from NetGalley

Tell Me More: NetGalley Announces New Features for Readers
—Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley

Today we announced another new set of features for NetGalley members. If we were in the habit of naming our releases (we’re not, sadly), I’d call this one “Tell Me More,” since it’s all about improving how readers communicate with publishers about how they recommend books.

First, we’ve redesigned your Profile page, top to bottom, making it easier to complete and update the information publishers see when you request a title. Do you know that there are now over 150,000 NetGalley members, who request titles over 40,000 times per week? Your Profile is the most important tool you have for telling publishers how you recommend new books, so that they can approve requests. We have tons of resources to help you improve your Profile, starting here.

Publishers rely on your Feedback, too, to better promote and sell their books. We know that for many member types, like librarians or booksellers (who represent just over 20% of our overall community), their purpose in using NetGalley is to better consider titles for purchase, not for review. This is why we have introduced new types of feedback to the site, including star ratings, notes, and information about a member’s intent to purchase or recommend a title. The goal is to give members the chance to share feedback relevant to their specific member type. This will be in addition to the reviews you’ve always been able to share.
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Cover Love

I’m so happy to share these gorgeous late-summer/early-fall galleys! If you are intrigued by any of these beautiful book covers, click through to read the full description and request the title from the publisher.

Have you already read these? Don’t forget to share feedback with the publisher! What other titles have you requested after falling in love with the cover? Share the link in the comments below, or via Twitter #NGextras

The Summer We All Ran Away          Into That Forest            Le Pigeon       Last Train to Istanbul       The Tulip Eaters
Legend Press                 Amazon Children’s Publishing                  Ten Speed Press                        AmazonCrossing                       Harlequin MIRA
Pub Date Aug 1 2013                 Pub Date Sep 3 2013                    Pub Date Sep 17 2013                  Pub Date Oct 8 2013               Pub Date Oct 29 2013


It’s been a busy old month in the UK, as the Man Booker Longlist has just been announced (7 of which have been on NetGalley already – I hope you caught them then!) and of course the ‘announcement’ of JK Rowling’s new book and identity. But at NetGalley, we’re always looking forward, and these are the UK team’s pick of September’s new releases. There’s something for everyone – we hope you enjoy!

The Returned

The Returned, Jason Mott
9781472010803 (Harlequin)

All over the world people’s loved ones are returning from beyond…It’s a brilliant premise, and one that is wonderfully handled by Jason Mott. Both emotionally acute and chillingly      compelling, this is the kind of book you can’t help passing to the nearest person and saying: ‘Read this!’

If you are in the U.S. or Australia, please request those versions by clicking these links!

 The Bone Season

The Bone Season, Samantha Shannon
9781408836422 (Bloomsbury)

Paige Mahoney is one of those characters who gets under your skin. She is a dreamwalker, a clairvoyant and in the London of 2059 an enemy of the state. Captured and taken far away, she must fight for every last breath. This is an intense and imaginative novel that will linger long in the mind.

U.S. members click here.

Angel City

Angel City, Jon Steele
9780593068663 (Bantam)

Jay Harper, one of the last ‘angels’ on Planet Earth, is hunting down the half-breeds and goons who infected Paradise with evil in this cosmic thriller of love and hate. It’s the second in a trilogy – the first is available on NetGalley too here – and is absorbing, frightening and a little disturbing.

Fortunately, the Milk

Fortunately, the Milk, Neil Gaiman 9781408841761 (Bloomsbury)

One of the UK’s best and most beloved writers returns with a book for children, full of his trademark mind-bending and bonkers imagination. It’s the kind of kid’s book we all dream of reading: riotous, silly and instantly taken to heart. Truly unmissable and genuinely funny, it’s perfect for reading aloud or for quiet reading time.

Hanns and Rudolf

Hanns and Rudolf, Thomas Harding 9780434022366 (Heinemann)

This will be one of those books that is mentioned everywhere in the end of year round-ups – and with good reason. This superlative look at two men – one, Rudolf Höss, the Kommandant of Auschwitz; the other, Hanns Alexander, the man who arrested him after the war – and their actions makes for uncomfortable, but essential reading.

U.S. members click here

 One Night in Winter

One Night in Winter, Simon Sebag Montefiore, 9781780891088 (Century)

One of our foremost historians turns to fiction in this authentic and vivid recreation of Stalinist Moscow. At its heart is the question: if your children were forced to testify against you, what terrible secrets would they reveal? It’s an idea that the author of Jerusalem: a Biography explores with subtlety and verve.


Tampa, Alissa Nutting 9780571303342 (Faber)

One of the most controversial books of the year, Tampa is the story of Celeste Price: school teacher, wife to rich, devoted Ford, driver of a red sportscar, and lover of 14-year old boys. Erotically charged, wildly funny and taboo-busting, this reverse Lolita is not for the faint hearted.

 The Paradise Trees

The Paradise Trees, Linda Huber 9781909593572 (Legend Press)

Informed by her work with neurological patients, Linda Huber has written a powerful and wholly convincing psychological thriller. On the return to her home town, Alicia Bryson feels that nothing has changed. And yet there is someone watching her. Watching her every move.

 Lockwood Co.

Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase, Jonathan Stroud 9781448121786 (Doubleday Children’s)

From the writer of the internationally best-selling Bartimaeus books comes an outstanding new series starring Lucy Carlyle and Anthony Lockwood – child psychic detectives. It’s a winning blend of humour, magic and scares that will delight 8-12s (and those a few years older too!)

 Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies, P.R. Ellis 9781783060689 (Troubadour)

This crime drama is a delicate blend of mystery and gender politics – featuring a transgender private detective on the hunt for a serial killer. It’s a new kind of backstory for a detective – we’re certainly not aware of another! – and Jasmine Frame is a complex and sympathetic character. Well worth a look!

  I hope you find something exciting in amongst our picks. We’ll be back next month to go through our top picks for October!


Recipes for Success: 8 Tips for Writing Good Book Reviews (or, A Neon Sign at the Topless Bar of Literature)

Guest Post: Janice Harayda, novelist, award-winning journalist, and founder and editor-in-chief of One-Minute Book Reviews


We’re thrilled to welcome Janice Harayda to the NetGalley blog. After being fortunate enough to hear her panel on book reviewing at the 2012 BEA Bloggers conference, we’re so pleased she’s shared this updated version of her remarks as part of our Recipes for Success series. Janice Harayda is a novelist and an award-winning journalist who has been the book columnist for Glamour, the book editor of the Plain Dealer in Cleveland and a vice-president of the National Book Critics Circle. You can read more of her comments and tips on reviewing here, and follow her tweets at @janiceharayda.

Recipes for Success aims to give NetGalley members helpful information, tools, and best practices to help facilitate your growth and effectiveness as professional readers. Check back often for tips and tricks from the insiders.

A well-known book critic once said that she hoped that her reviews would be “a soft light in the alcove of art.” Some of the books I’ve reviewed have made me feel more like a neon sign at the topless bar of literature. But I share that critic’s view: A reviewer’s most important task is to help you see a book clearly and, especially, to show its uniqueness. A question I ask every day is: How can I show how this book differs from all others? And I’ve tried to develop a few guidelines for answering it. Continue reading “Recipes for Success: 8 Tips for Writing Good Book Reviews”


Recipes for Success: Librarian Voices
The Ins and Outs of ARCs, from ALA Annual
Guest Post: Kristi Chadwick, Library Director at Emily Williston Memorial Library and blogger at Books, Yarn, Ink and Other Pursuits

Books, Yarn, Ink

I’m happy to welcome Kristi Chadwick, Library Director and blogger, as our guest writer today for Recipes for Success: Librarian Voices. Kristi participated in a panel on the “Ins and Outs of ARCs” at ALA Annual last week and has been generous enough to write up a recap of her experience. Keep reading to find out more about what was discussed during her panel, including what publishers look for in librarians’ NetGalley profiles, and about what she’s reading and requesting via NetGalley!

The Faceless One      Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl

Recipes for Success aims to give NetGalley members helpful information, tools, and best practices to help facilitate your growth and effectiveness as professional readers. Check back often for tips and tricks from the insiders.

The American Library Association held their 2013 Annual Conference June 27- July 7 in Chicago, IL. As Marlene mentioned last week, the ALA conference is definitely “BEA for Librarians,” and this year was no exception. While I definitely found some print galleys to bring home with me, I am a self-proclaimed “go-go gadget geek” and love having access to digital advance reading copies and galleys. I love them so much, in fact, that I was part of a panel that discussed them!
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