New Year, New NetGalley!

Dear NetGalley member,

Welcome to 2013—a new year, with a new NetGalley! Do you remember how NetGalley looked at the start of 2012? (Refresh your memory.) My, how we’ve changed—and grown, too: last year at this time there were 50,000 NetGalley members. This year? We’re kicking off 2013 with over 92,000 reviewers, bloggers, media, booksellers, librarians and educators using our free service for professional readers. Whether you just joined, or you’ve been a member since the beginning, we want 2013 to be your best year with us, so here are some helpful hints to maximize your NetGalley experience.

First and foremost, make sure publishers know who you are! Quick ways to improve your profile:

  1. NEW! Add a profile photo to your account. You can now add a photo that is only visible to yourself and the publishers when you request a title. For help uploading a photo, click here.
  2. Update your Company/Affiliation. If you’ve changed jobs recently, make sure to indicate which company/organization you are affiliated with.
  3. Add links for your blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter handle. These three elements (if applicable) will help publishers see where you are posting reviews and how you are recommending new books.
  4. Fill out your Bio. This is a perfect place to include your website/blog and social media stats, sample reviews, where/how you share your reviews and any other relevant information that explains how you spread the word about books. Please click here to view our tips and suggestions for specific member types.
  5. Update your Associations and Categories. Use the drop-down to indicate if you’re a member of any Professional Associations, like the ALA or ABA. It’s also very important to select the genres you are most interested in under Preferred Categories, so we can recommend books you’ll like!
  6. Add your country. NetGalley is international! With so many publishers worldwide now using NetGalley, it’s become important for publishers to know what country you reside in, so they can make sure they have territory rights to share galleys with you.

Don’t forget, NetGalley will NEVER reveal your address, phone or email without your permission. Use the “Visible to Publishers” check-boxes to customize what publishers can see.

Throughout the year, make sure you’re getting the most out of NetGalley!

  • Make sure your Profile is updated often. Each time you make a new request, publishers check your Bio and decide to approve/decline. Make sure they’re seeing the most up-to-date information.
  • Provide feedback for approved titles. Publishers want to hear from you! There are two different ways to provide feedback for a title. You can notify the publisher of a full review (make sure to include where and when the review will be posted), or you can send a short note to the publisher. Even if you’re not a blogger/reviewer, you should still provide Feedback—see tips here. Short notes can consist of why you have decided not to finish reading or review a title, if you will be purchasing the title for your library or bookstore, and any other comments you think the publisher will find useful.
  • Let us tell you about new titles. Subscribe to our newsletters by genre, and we’ll tell you about upcoming titles that fit your interests. Publishers often give our newsletter subscribers sneak peeks at forthcoming titles, or special auto-approval. Don’t miss out!
  • Visit our Knowledge Base to learn all about NetGalley. Read our helpful FAQs anytime, and if you still need help, you can always contact us by clicking on Contact Support.
  • Tell us what you think! Have an idea for something new you’d love to see, or a specific way you want to use the site? We always love to hear from you, and our development is a direct result of feedback from our members and publishers.

For additional tips, check out our Before You Request page!

Now that you know all the tips and tricks, why not make a New Year’s Resolution? Tell us your NetGalley Reading Goal for the year on Facebook or Twitter with #NG2013

Happy New Year, and Happy Reading!
The NetGalley Concierge Team


Dear readers and publishers,

On behalf of our entire team, I’d like to take a moment to wish you and yours happy holidays and best wishes for 2013. This holiday season more than ever, we are grateful for your support of NetGalley.

Do you remember how NetGalley looked at the start of 2012? (Refresh your memory). How much has changed!

We began the year with 50,000 members, and will end 2012 with well over 90,000 reviewers, bloggers, media, booksellers, librarians and educators registered for this free, essential service. On average, over 300 new titles are added each week to NetGalley.

You have likely already caught some of our “2012 NetGalley Picks” campaign via email or social media (where so many of you connect with us daily!). For the first time, NetGalley has published our own “best of: list—an eclectic combination of titles we personally discovered and recommended this year via the site.

What have you discovered this year via NetGalley? How are you reading digitally? What kind of recommender are you? We hope to get to know you better in 2013. Leave us a message via Facebook or Twitter—we love hearing from you!

Being a central resource for readers of influence to discover powerful new titles is fascinating and exciting. We love what we do, and we hope that it shows.

Happy reading!

Susan Ruszala | President, NetGalley


This year we’ve compiled our own list of 2012 NetGalley Picks. These are titles that our team read and loved from NetGalley this year, or titles that we can’t wait to read next. Click to find out why they made the cut, and we’ll be asking you to weigh in on Facebook Twitter!              

           Age of MiraclesGone GirlWe SinnersNarcopolisPenanceKino

           Where's You Go, BernadetteThe Light Between OceansThe Art ForgerWonderSplinteredRemarkable

Many of these published earlier in the year and are no longer available in NetGalley, but we encourage you to buy the finished books as gifts (or treat yourself!) using the links provided. 

           Change the World Before BedtimeQuietConsider the ForkHow Children SucceedComediennesHot Dogs and Hamburgers

Thanks to all our clients for their support of NetGalley, and of course, for continually “feeding our readers.”

Happy reading,

The NetGalley Team



NetGalley today, December 2012. Our re-launch prompted a doubling of our monthly page views.


NetGalley pre-October 2012. How much has changed!


Wow, NetGalley

October 2012: If you’ve visited NetGalley recently (and if you haven’t, go ahead right now), you’ll notice a dramatic change.

It is our pleasure to announce the recent launch of a fundamentally redesigned NetGalley. I hope you will find a few moments to login to the site, take a look around, and let us know what you think.

With your support, what started out as a simple concept—-why not make digital review copies?—-has evolved into an industry standard for the promotion and marketing of new titles. Over 200 publishers worldwide and 80,000+ reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers and educators have come to rely on NetGalley as a platform for previewing and reviewing new titles. It is our privilege to help publishers ignite the word-of-mouth phenomenon that is the magic of selling books.

On behalf of the NetGalley team, thank you for your past and future support of NetGalley, and for your interest, participation and patience during the re-launch project.

Here are two quick to-dos for the new NetGalley:

  1. Check out our new Knowledge Base for members—a vital resource as you get to know the new site.
  2. Update your Profile. As our community continues to grow, it will be more important than ever for publishers to have a full Profile at hand when approving member requests. Take a moment today to login to your account and update, as we’ve added new fields to this section.

Although today’s launch represents significant research, effort and investment in new features, it is truly only a starting point. There is a long list of requested new features and enhancements we’ve collected from our publishers and readers, and we are excited to dig in and continue building the site. Have something you want to add to the list? Tell us.