NetGalley pre-October 2012. How much has changed!


Wow, NetGalley

October 2012: If you’ve visited NetGalley recently (and if you haven’t, go ahead right now), you’ll notice a dramatic change.

It is our pleasure to announce the recent launch of a fundamentally redesigned NetGalley. I hope you will find a few moments to login to the site, take a look around, and let us know what you think.

With your support, what started out as a simple concept—-why not make digital review copies?—-has evolved into an industry standard for the promotion and marketing of new titles. Over 200 publishers worldwide and 80,000+ reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers and educators have come to rely on NetGalley as a platform for previewing and reviewing new titles. It is our privilege to help publishers ignite the word-of-mouth phenomenon that is the magic of selling books.

On behalf of the NetGalley team, thank you for your past and future support of NetGalley, and for your interest, participation and patience during the re-launch project.

Here are two quick to-dos for the new NetGalley:

  1. Check out our new Knowledge Base for members—a vital resource as you get to know the new site.
  2. Update your Profile. As our community continues to grow, it will be more important than ever for publishers to have a full Profile at hand when approving member requests. Take a moment today to login to your account and update, as we’ve added new fields to this section.

Although today’s launch represents significant research, effort and investment in new features, it is truly only a starting point. There is a long list of requested new features and enhancements we’ve collected from our publishers and readers, and we are excited to dig in and continue building the site. Have something you want to add to the list? Tell us.