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A nice place to start is with your blogger origin story – how did She Treads Softly get started?

She Treads Softly originally started as a result of an online group for award-winning books that I began participating in at the end of 2006. The group book discussions were originally conducted through an email group until it was decided that it would be nice if our reviews/thoughts were also written down and shared on blogs. Some people left the group over this radical decision, but I decided to give blogging a try.

Your blog celebrated its 10th anniversary this year – congratulations! Can you talk a little bit about your preferred approach to writing reviews for books? Has your style evolved over the years?

My original reviews were simple, short thoughts about books interspersed with other non-book posts. After trying several different styles over the years, I am pleased with my current approach and have stuck with it for several years now. I like to open with a header providing the important information for a reader: title, author, publisher, publication date, number of pages and ISBN-13. I follow this with a short synopsis, hopefully spoiler-free, and then I give my thoughts on the book. I dearly love including quotes, and often remember (and quote) sentences and phrases from books, but since I am usually reviewing advanced reading copies now I have to forego them (unless I can’t help myself). Hopefully I provide some substantial, thoughtful insights that will help another reader decide if the book is a good fit for them. After flirting with giving stars at one time, I’m much happier with my current rating system: very highly recommended, highly recommended, recommended, so-so, not recommended.

Are there particular subgenres that you prefer or find more interesting at the moment? Are there any trends that you are excited to see come or go?

I’ll acknowledge that I am always ready for dystopian fiction and a good plague or virus book, fiction or nonfiction. I am ready to bid adieu to vampires; along with all blurbs saying: This is the new Gone Girl, or The Hunger Games, or The Girl on the Train. They are all great books but the comparison puts the new release at a disadvantage.

Do you have any advice for book bloggers who are just starting out?

What I’d suggest will probably be the polar opposite of what others recommend people do for a successful blog. For me, it’s about the book reviews and your thoughts.

For years I read and followed a large number of book blogs, but as more and more of them became concerned with posting something, anything, daily, I stopped reading them. I was reading them for their book reviews, but when the extraneous content overwhelmed the reviews, I stopped reading the blogs. I have a busy life and read books, not blogs, for pleasure. If you have a book blog, I read it for your book recommendations only.

So my advice would be for someone with a book blog to consistently blog their thoughts about the books they have read and keep the extra chatter to a minimum. It’s okay with me if you don’t post daily. If you are a book blog, keep to your brand; it’s all about the books.

Which upcoming Fiction book(s) on NetGalley are you the most excited about recommending?

The End of the World Running Club by Adrian Walker (9/5/17); Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan (10/3/17); The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg (11/21/17) and the short stories in Bad Kansas by Becky Mandelbaum (9/15/17).


Lightning Round!

Your blog in two sentences:

At She Treads Softly I review all the books I read. I enjoy reading a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction.

Your favorite character in a book or series:

First, I can never just do one of anything and can be a rule breaker. This gets worse as I get older. My heart will always be tender for: Emilio Sandoz in Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow (1996); Elaine Risley in Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye (1988); and the Tull family in Anne Tyler’s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant (1982).

Book you’d like to see made into a movie or tv show:

I recently read You’ll Never Know, Dear by Hallie Ephron and thought that it would actually make a good movie because it is a mystery that could be very creepy visually (a doll maker and a huge doll collection is involved in the story).

Your favorite two authors for Fiction titles:

Oh dear, another restriction that makes my head hurt. I love Margaret Atwood, Joshilyn Jackson, and, more recently, Fredrik Backman – but there are so many others that I adore and now have left out.

And to finish off our interview, what is the last book that made you smile?

I smiled during Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan and Theft by Finding: Diaries by David Sedaris. I flat out laughed aloud with tears in my eyes while reading Nuclear Family: A Tragicomic Novel in Letters by Susanna Fogel.


Thanks so much, Lori, for spending time with us and answering our questions! 

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2 thoughts on “Reader Spotlight – Fall Fiction Edition

  1. Love this article and THANK YOU for saying I don’t have to post everyday. It can be such a challenge when obviously I need time to read and decide which books I REALLY want to talk/blog about. FREEDOM!!!!!!! Glad to hear someone else say that.

  2. I also do non-book blogs with my review posts. I try to alternate between a review and non review post. I relieved to hear that I do not have to post every day. I usually post every two days if I can but I’m glad to hear that if my review is not ready to post, don’t post. Thank you for your insights!

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