Recipes for Success: Benefits and Struggles of Blogging
Guest post: Danielle Smith, There’s a Book

There's a Book

Recipes for Success is back with more insight from bloggers you love! Did you know that I (Kristina) will be moderating a panel at the BEA Bloggers Conference with some YA Book Blogging Pros? The panel will be on Wednesday May 29 at 11:15 am, but today I’m pleased to welcome one of the panelists, Danielle of There’s a Book, as our guest blogger.

Continue reading for more insight about the benefits and struggles of blogging, as well as more information about how you can interact with NetGalley at and beyond BEA.

Recipes for Success aims to give new bloggers and reviewers helpful information, tools, and best practices to help facilitate your growth and effectiveness as reviewers. Check back often for tips and tricks from the insiders.

A quick overview of There’s a Book:

I’ve been blogging about children’s literature from picture books to middle grade and young adult at There’s A Book since 2009. When I started it was solely for the purpose of reaching out to other parents and readers looking for good kidlit books to share with the kiddos they are around. My son at 18 months old could read and I found myself in a very small town with next to no resources. I started the blog with the hopes that I could share my experiences finding good books for my son and me to read even with little accessibility to books locally.

Since then my blog has changed some, but I still go back to my root cause for starting my blog. To help readers, no matter who they were, connect with books in a way that would be meaningful to them and the ones they shared them with.  My audience now encompasses a broader group that includes parents, librarians, booksellers and readers from every age.
What, to you, are the main benefits of sustaining a book blog? Major struggles?

Without question the biggest benefit of sustaining my book blog over the last few years has been the friends I’ve made and the community I’ve been welcomed into. My blog isn’t focused on one age group, like strictly YA, but covers a wide range of kid lit making it a precarious place to be at times. What I discovered after I felt comfortable with my own voice as it fit within the book blogging community was that everyone welcomed me, no matter the genre or age I covered.

Book bloggers are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever known. They’ve welcomed me with open arms, given me great book suggestions (quite a few were books I’d normally not even consider) and supported me through the ups and downs of life. You’ll never meet a better cheering section than book bloggers and I’m happy to be a part of that group.


Wellness Pledge

Thanks, Danielle for sharing your thoughts! I look forward to our panel at the BEA Bloggers Conference. Bloggers, don’t forget to sign the NetGalley Wellness pledge for a chance to win $100 in books!


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