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How and Why Librarians Should Use NetGalley
Guest Post: Marlene Harris, Seattle Public Library and blogger at Reading Reality

Reading Reality

I’m pleased to introduce a new segment of Recipes for Success, specifically for all of the great librarian members using NetGalley! Did you know that 12,500+ librarians are using NetGalley to discover new titles to purchase for their library collection and recommend to their patrons?

Today’s guest post comes from Marlene Harris, Technical Services Manager at Seattle Public Library. Continue reading to find out how Marlene uses NetGalley as a librarian, and some titles she thinks you should be reading!

Along Came Trouble      Flirting With Disaster      Making it Last

Recipes for Success aims to give NetGalley members helpful information, tools, and best practices to help facilitate your growth and effectiveness as professional readers. Check back often for tips and tricks from the insiders.

How, and why should librarians use NetGalley? Let me talk a bit about how this librarian uses NetGalley.

First, the answer is A LOT. In my day job, I am the Technical Services Manager for The Seattle Public Library. One of the fun, and actually voluntary, parts of my job is to be one of the Romantic Wednesday columnists for the Library’s Shelf Talk blog. So I am constantly on the lookout for new trends in romance for my theme posts. If I’ve just read a new book in a series from NetGalley, I’ll use the first book in the series for a post on Romantic Wednesdays to get readers started.

My colleagues who select new books use NetGalley to keep up with what’s coming out, and the folks who do Readers’ Advisory (help people pick a book to read) use it to see not just what’s coming out, but what will be good for which particular audience. We regularly have afternoons where we do Readers’ Advisory on Facebook or Twitter. I participated in the last one and it is just loads of fun to match people with good books!

One of my other fun jobs is reviewing for Library Journal. I review ebook originals, and I receive NetGalley widgets for many of those books, but I also review for the print magazine. As soon as I get the email with the info that they’re sending a print book in the mail, I immediately go to NetGalley to see if there’s an egalley. I’d rather read the ebook. I’ll even contact the publisher to see if they’ll send me an egalley. It’s so much easier to write the review from the egalley, and I hate lugging the print copy on the bus.

I’m also a book blogger. I’ve had my own blog, Reading Reality, for over two years, and I’ve been the Rocket Lover at Book Lovers Inc. for a year and a half. I’m pretty much of a NetGalley addict. If I had to get print ARCs for all the books I’ve reviewed, there wouldn’t be any room left in our apartment.

The American Library Association Conference is coming up at the end of June. ALA is sort of like BEA for librarians, but with more stuff. In addition to all the books (yes, the publishers bring the same ARCs to ALA that they brought to BEA), there are a whole new crop of neat toys just for us.

Library security systems may not sound like much fun to other people, but I need to look at them for work. Puppets to help Childrens’ Librarians with storytimes are always fun. There will be a few bookmobiles in the middle of the floor. Really! They drive them right in.

The really interesting things are always the interactions with people. Yes, there are author signings, but there are also terrific speakers (Alice Walker, Oliver Stone and Congressman John Lewis) and sessions on the latest trends and hottest topics. Even better, it’s a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues that I only see at conferences.

So I am looking forward to ALA. But while I’m waiting I’m currently recommending Ruthie Knox’s Camelot series, available on NetGalley. If you love contemporary romance, you can’t go wrong with this series. Check out Along Came Trouble, Flirting With Disaster, and Making It Last. I’ll even give you a scoop; Flirting With Disaster is going to get a starred review on Library Journal.

Along Came Trouble Flirting With Disaster Making it Last

-Marlene Harris, Seattle Public Library


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