Recipes for Success: What Does it Take to Get Approved?
Guest Post: Siobhan Clayton, Digital Marketing Coordinator: Carina Press

Carina Press

Today Siobhan from Carina Press joins us as our guest blogger to talk a bit about something that I’m sure is dear to your hearts—what she looks for in a NetGalley profile when approving requests. Keep in mind that the information below is specific to what Siobhan is looking for in your profiles! You can look here for our basic profile tips but also be sure to check and see if the publisher from whom you are requesting has included their own Approval Preferences on their publisher page. Find them in this list, and then click their name to view more information.

Rush Me

Read more for Siobhan’s tips for your NetGalley profile, as well as a book recommendation!

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What does it take to be approved?

NetGalley is an amazing place for reviewers and publishers to combine forces and get books out into the world. As a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Carina Press, I see it as a way to not only allow readers to read and review our books, but also a way for us to get the word out there that our books exist and are available. As part of my role, I am responsible for processing all Netgalley requests, as well as helping our digital-first marketing and social media teams.

Are you a reviewer, librarian or bookseller who request titles? Are you wondering what publishers look for in these categories and what can you do to get approved? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are my top reasons for approving and declining requests!


  1. Presence online: I want to see that you are active online, whether it be a blog or Goodreads. I also want to make sure you are posting something on a fairly regular basis.
  2. Stick with your genre: I want to see that you are passionate about one or two genres, and that your requests fit that criteria.
  3. Good personal description: All that matters is why you would be a good reviewer/reader. I would love to see blog stats (if you have a blog) or Goodreads numbers (how many books read, and how many reviews posted). Personal information really does not sway my decision.
  4. Have you reviewed our books before: I always love seeing that the people requesting books have read our titles before. I will give them approval if you have read AND reviewed for us in the past.
  5. Review: I want to see that you actually review books you receive from Netgalley. I always check if you have put your review on Netgalley and on Goodreads. This is the reason we are giving you a free copy of the book, so please do not request knowing you will not read or review.


  1. No links: If you provide me with no links to a blog, Goodreads or library, I am most likely inclined to reject your request. Basically because I have no idea if you have actually read and reviewed the book.
  2. Too many requests at once: I cringe every time a person requests more than 5 of our titles at a time. The reason for this is it’s just too many. If I know the person can read them all, then fine. But that’s nearly impossible to know, and it’s most likely not the case if you request 24 books (this has happened). So please keep that in mind.
  3. No reviews: I like seeing reviews being posted. Whether it be on a blog or Goodreads, I want to see that you have reviewed a lot and are actually reading. If I look and see that your blog has 3 posts for one month, I will reject. Same goes with Goodreads. If I notice that you have only posted 20 reviews but you have read over 100 books that tells me that you do not write reviews regularly. And the whole point of Netgalley is to get people interested in our titles through reviews.
  4. No online presence: This goes hand in hand with being approved. I need to see that you post, interact and are present online. It’s a big plus for us from a publisher standpoint.
  5. Requesting outside your genre: If I see someone requesting an erotic romance, but then notice that they mostly review young adult books, I will most likely decline. I want our books to go to the right audience, so requesting outside of the genre you mainly review will most likely not be approved.

I hope this information was helpful to all of you avid readers!

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Rush Me


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