Recipes for Success: Librarian Voices
ALA is BEA for Librarians, and why my back Loves NetGalley
Guest Post: Marlene Harris, Seattle Public Library and blogger at Reading Reality

Reading Reality

ALA Annual begins today! For those of you who may not know what the ALA (American Library Association) conference is all about, Marlene Harris, technical Services Manager at Seattle Public Library, has graciously returned to explain. Continue reading to find out more about the American Library Association’s annual conference, and how NetGalley saves Marlene’s back at conferences like this!

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ALA is BEA for Librarians, and why my back Loves NetGalley

When I try to explain what the ALA conference is to my non-librarian friends, I often use the shortcut that ALA is BEA for librarians. I’ve never been to BEA (insert sad face here) but if the pictures of the exhibit floor are accurate, there’s definitely a resemblance!
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