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♥ NetGalley Cover Love – July ♥

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Of Scars and Stardust    The Anatomy of Dreams    When Mythological Creatures Attack   Unnatural Selection      Edible French 
                  Flux                               Atria Books               University of Iowa Press                  Island Press                   Penguin Group Tarcher
Pub Date Oct 8 2014             Pub Date Sep 16 2014           Pub Date Oct 1 2014         Pub Date Oct 28 2014           Pub Date Oct 7 2014


Life at NetGalley: Popular Promotions
(Walking Disaster from Atria Books)

 The publisher is bestowing a gift upon 250 NetGalley members!


This is going to be big—the first book was really popular on NetGalley. Let’s keep track of how quickly they hit 250 READ NOW clicks.

Let's Do This

10:30am – The email is now going out!

Cool guy

10:35am – 54 READ NOW clicks


10:41am – 185 READ NOW clicks

spit take

10:45am – 250 READ NOW clicks in fifteen minutes?!? This is us:


I wonder what Twitter’s doing?


“Hey, Atria, here are those stats!”


Snow White


Don’t worry, guys. Atria may have hit their 250 Read Now click-limit in just fifteen minutes, but you can still request it from the catalog!
Walking Disaster