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Live Your Best NetGalley Life

Your input directly influences the enhancements we make to NetGalley. And we’ve heard you: As book advocates and industry professionals, your schedules are important. Staying organized is a cornerstone to being productive, so today we’re introducing some new features to help.

Your Weekly Checklist

You asked, we listened! Our members love lists as much as we do. Now you can receive a weekly Checklist email to help you prioritize the books you need to read and review first—so you don’t miss their optimal time-frame. Here’s a sneak peek at the email, which you can turn on/off within your Profile (Additional Info > Subscriptions).

Complete Feedback Process

As you know, your reviews and feedback are essential to publishers, authors, and other readers. NetGalley members are expected to provide feedback for the books they access, in exchange for getting free digital review copies. When you finish reading a book, make sure to submit your reviews, star ratings, opinions, and industry list nominations.

We’ve made some small enhancements to the Feedback section, including splitting into two pages: Review & Opinions. Depending on your member type, you’ll need to submit the first page (Review or Opinions) before the next page will appear. Plus, we want to acknowledge that there are legitimate reasons why you may not be able to submit feedback for certain books—so we’ve added a “Will Not Give Feedback” option to allow you explain why you aren’t reviewing, and to better organize your Shelf. Submitting “Will Not Give Feedback” will move the book off your Give Feedback list, but will not count towards your overall feedback ratio. Read more here.

Our goal is to help, when we can, resolve any issues that are preventing you from submitting feedback. We will be carefully analyzing the “Will Not Give Feedback” responses to improve the NetGalley service for our members and publishers. And you will still be able to submit full feedback later (for instance, if a file issue is resolved).

Reminders to Share Reviews

Once you’ve submitted feedback, you can increase the visibility and value of your reviews by sharing to your blog, social platforms, and retail sites. This is especially important around the publication date. We’ve made it easier to see which reviews are ready to be shared by adding a new section of your Shelf (Feedback Sent > Post to Retail Sites).


We take our goal of helping books succeed very seriously, and we know you do too. We hope these changes will help you create your optimal NetGalley workflow and give you more tools to communicate with us and authors/publishers.

Thanks, as always, for your dedication and support.
The NetGalley Team

News from NetGalley

New! Post reviews with one-click to Goodreads, & social accounts

Can you believe that NetGalley members (like you!) submit 60,000 reviews each month?​ Your efforts are extremely valuable to publishers and authors—but wouldn’t it be great if, in that same single click, those reviews could also be shared to other readers via your Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts? Today’s the day!

​No more copying and pasting your reviews into each social platform. ​Connect your accounts​ directly in NetGalley​ to make your review process ​more ​efficient​ than ever​:

Once your accounts are authorized, all you have to do is click each icon and your review will be automatically posted to ​those ​timelines​ ​when you submit your review​ in NetGalley​.

You’ll also start to notice hashtags on book pages, which can be automatically added (and edited) in your social posts.

Bonus!  When you authorize your Goodreads account, ​you’ll have this handy checkbox to automatically post your full review and star rating to your Goodreads bookshelf​. Give it a try! ​

​Have questions? Read more here, and reach out to our support team​ anytime.


News from NetGalley

Your reviews are getting attention…

As members of NetGalley, you know that publishers and authors rely on your thoughtful reviews and feedback. We’re showcasing your dedication to helping books succeed by giving your reviews the platform they deserve, to increase their visibility and value. As you submit your reviews on NetGalley, you will notice a few upgrades to the Feedback page – take a look here!

Your reviews will be visible to your fellow book advocates!

  • Reviews you submit via NetGalley on and after August 14, 2017 will appear on the Title Details pages, visible to other NetGalley members.
  • Adjust your name Display Preferences anytime in the Additional Information section of your Profile.
  • See the average star rating and reviews from fellow members.
  • Learn more here.

As you’re reading reviews from other members, you can indicate which are the most helpful.

Remember: The more reviews you submit, the easier it will be for you and other reviewers, librarians, booksellers, educators, and media professionals to decide which books to request, read, and review. (P.S. If you need any tips for writing reviews, you can find them here!).

Thanks as always for your continued support of NetGalley and dedication to helping books succeed.

All best,
The NetGalley Team


image We continue to hear first-hand from publishers how word-of-mouth can truly help make or break a book’s success.

Today Dina Sherman, School & Library Marketing Director at Disney Book Group, has some words for our members:

“‘Professional’ reviews are essential as marketing tools, but it’s reader reviews (from teachers, librarians, booksellers, bloggers) that really get us excited about our books. Both staff and authors want to know that people like, or even better, love, the book as much as we do!


Probably my favorite NetGalley review of all time was for CODE NAME VERITY.  It was an in-house favorite (OK, let’s be honest, an in-house obsession) from the first time we read the manuscript. We talked about it all the time, shared it with every person we met, but couldn’t quite sum up our feelings.

Then came this wonderful reviewer*, who wrote, “Suck it, Hemingway.”  Exactly! It became our rallying cry and we would say it in meetings whenever we were trying to express our feelings about the book. It certainly helped us keep pushing to get it out into the world.”

* Written and submitted by Katherine Montgomery, educator

You can view Disney Book Group titles on NetGalley here to request and review.

Take a peek at our best practices for Feedback here (whether you’re a blogger/reviewer, librarian, bookseller, media professional, or educator), and don’t forget to sign the Wellness Challenge Pledge!


image We’re focusing this year’s NetGalley Wellness Challenge on Feedback and Reviews, because we’ve heard first-hand from publishers how word-of-mouth can truly help make or break a book’s success.

Today Pamela Brown, Marketing Director for Mulholland Books, has some words for our members:

No one is more important to a book’s success than you, dear reader.

“Marketers can spin their wheels coming up with creative contests, viral videos, and sought-after swag, but at the end of the day, we know it’s your recommendation—to your friends, to your family, to your colleagues—that matter.

Take, for example, Lauren Beukes’s The Shining Girls. I made myself hoarse singing its praises, but it was not until reviewers like you started talking about Kirby Mizrachi and the time-traveling serial killer that it became one of last summer’s must-reads. Thank you. Please wield your power wisely by reviewing what you read and recommending what you love.”

You can view Mulholland Books’ titles on NetGalley here to request and review.

Take a peek at our best practices for Feedback here (whether you’re a blogger/reviewer, librarian, bookseller, media professional, or educator), and don’t forget to sign the Wellness Challenge Pledge!

News from NetGalley

Connect with publishers (and their books!) on NetGalley

Unlike an online bookstore where visitors interact primarily with BOOKS, NetGalley members have always had a distinct relationship with PUBLISHERS via the site. After all, it’s the publisher who decides when or if to make a title available for request, approves or declines member requests, and auto-approves members. While we, of course, also promote books (and while most members find titles through category browsing), it has long been our intention to deliver a showcase of all a publisher’s titles via the NetGalley platform. Today we’re delighted to announce that the first set of features is live, in a redesigned Browse Publisher section of the site.


Members can click any publisher name to:

  • View logo, summary, approval preferences and social media links.
  • Add a publisher as a “favorite.” When members are browsing the full list of publishers, their list will be personally annotated with special icons for their favorite publishers, or publishers who have auto-approved them.
  • View recently added titles; most requested; AND titles previously on NetGalley which are now archived. This is a quick way to see titles that were promoted on NetGalley and to purchase a title if you missed it while it was available for request.
  • We’ve seen a growing trend of members who search for private or archived titles that they EXPECT to find on NetGalley, and this feature meets that previously unfulfilled demand. Plus, we’ve added a way that publishers can feature NetGalley member reviews (with appropriate credit to the reviewer) on any title detail page on NetGalley—making the archived title pages more valuable as a source for consolidated feedback from the community.

We expect all of these features to evolve over time, as we measure usage and hear from publishers and readers (for example, to include notifications to readers when their reviews are added.) You can read the full press announcement here.

Don’t forget, members can always share reviews with their personal Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn communities via NetGalley at any time. Enjoy!

News from NetGalley

New to NetGalley: Recommend books to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Each day NetGalley collects thousands of pieces of feedback about new titles, as members share star ratings, reviews, links, notes and recommendation plans through the site. Your feedback is essential to the commercial success of the books listed on our site—-and as professional readers, your recommendations matter a great deal when individuals decide what to read next.


Today we’re introducing a new feature so NetGalley members can additionally share their Feedback with their social networks, via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s easy and you can share your reviews all the books you have access to on NetGalley. You can log in right now to try this out with Feedback you’ve already sent, or with new Feedback.

When you share via NetGalley, your contacts will have the opportunity to view your comments on a private landing page which includes title information as well as standard inks to purchase the title from major book retailers.  Here are complete directions on how to share via NetGalley, as well as visuals of the whole process. Take a look!

Sharing isn’t required, of course, but we think you’ll like how easy it is to pass along your recommendations as you share Feedback with the publisher. After all, who doesn’t want to tell someone when they’ve read something amazing?

(Note: NetGalley has no access to your social network information or contacts. This new feature simply makes it very easy for you to share Feedback widely, when you’ve already chosen to do so via NetGalley. You can always include links to your reviews on your blog or website, as part of the Feedback for the title.)

More Ways to Discover Titles on NetGalley


We’ve added a new “Featured” category when you are browsing for titles on NetGalley. This new category is limited to 15 titles per week, specially selected by NetGalley and the publishers and authors we work with. You’ll often see a theme in the titles selected for this category, too. Click here to see which titles are Featured first.


And you will also notice new region preferences on titles available for request. Region preferences make it much easier for you to select titles you’re likely to be approved for, because they are being published in your geographic region.

Finally, we’ve added a link to our Help pages within your reader account. Look for the “Help” link at the top of your account, when you login.

Discover books that Indie Booksellers Love

Buzz Book

Did you know that the majority of titles selected for the Indie Next list are available on NetGalley? Here is the March list.

We announced a new program for US indie booksellers, in partnership with the American Booksellers Association. Your Digital White Box will be delivered to you via email once a month, starting in February 2014. If you are an ABA member, sign up today!

Finally, get a head start on the biggest Spring titles by downloading the Publishers Lunch Buzz Book, now available on NetGalley to READ NOW. This is a unique volume of excerpts from many of the biggest books of the upcoming season.