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Announcing NetGalley UK!

It’s been a long time coming, but at last UK members have their very own dedicated NetGalley site –!

On, UK members will find books that are the most relevant to them, meaning they’re more likely to be approved and are more likely to find the books they love. When they see a title on, UK members will know they won’t be declined based on region, and that the edition of the book they see is the right one for them.

UK members will still be auto-approved for the same publishers, and all existing approvals will stay exactly as before. UK members will also still be able to sign in to using their existing accounts, but as all books they’re likely to want will be loud and proud on, please bookmark

This has been a real labour of love for us at NetGalley UK, and we’re so excited that you can now sign into the site. There you’ll see featured titles specifically from the UK, and UK-centric category spotlights, making it even easier to find your next great passion.

Your reviews make NetGalley – and we hope that this new site will encourage you to leave even more feedback and even more reviews. If you have any comments, suggestions or general thoughts, do feel free to email We want to become the destination for all UK readers of influence – and we appreciate all of your input.

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So there it is: all the books you love, all in one place. We can’t wait for you to sign in and get involved – so head to now!


Top Ten UK Books for May 2017

Another exceptional Top Ten, featuring another eclectic collection of writers and titles. While it’s always difficult deciding on the Book of the Month – especially with new novels from Colm Toibin, Arndaldur Indridason, and Joel Dicker – we absolutely could not resist Andrew Wilson’s A Talent for Murder, which places Agatha Christie herself at the heart of a plot filled with murder and blackmail.

It is a wonderful read. Please also look out for one of the most powerful books of the year, Man Alive by Thomas Page McBee. It is timely, important and devastatingly written. Oh, and one last thing. If you’re interested in finding out what went on at the London Book Fair last week, be sure to check out our blog here. Enjoy!


A Talent For Murder
Andrew Wilson
Simon & Schuster
UK Edition

Of all the mysteries Agatha Christie created, the one that remains unsolved is taken from her own life: what happened when she famously disappeared in December 1926?

Biographer Andrew Wilson has skilfully woven what is known about the case into a brilliantly atmospheric, utterly gripping novel of which Dame Agatha herself would have been proud. The delight of A Talent for Murder is in its ever-shifting plot, its exquisitely drawn inter-war setting, and a central character you won’t forget. Perfectly pitched, this is a crime novel to savour.

House of Names
Colm Toibin
UK Edition
US/CA Edition

The bestselling and award-winning Colm Tóibín returns with a new novel that is sure to be featured heavily in all the major literary prizes of 2017. Taking us back to Greek legend, Tóibín reframes and retells the shocking and murderous events of Agamemnon’s sacrifice of his own daughter in order to win a battle. Three years later, he returns to find his home beset with anger, grievances and thoughts of revenge. This is a bravura performance from one of our finest writers.

I'll Eat When I'm Dead
Barbara Bourland
UK Edition
US Edition

Already described as ‘The Devil Wears Prada meets American Psycho‘ by Louise O’Neill, this fierce, funny and fabulous debut really is one to watch. RAGE Fashion Book is the world’s most dynamic, ambitious magazine. Its influence is unparalleled. Until one of its editors is found, presumed to have starved herself to death. Her friend, Cat Ono, is not convinced however. But to prove it she’ll have to infiltrate a web of drugs, sex, lies and moisturiser that will change her forever.

The Ice
Laline Paull
4th Estate
UK Edition

Laline Paull’s The Bees was one of the most talked about and surprising debuts of recent years; and The Ice is just as engaging and compelling as its predecessor. The melting ice of the Midgard glacier expels the frozen corpse of Tom Cawson into the Barents Sea. He was lost in an accident on the glacier three years before and his best friend, explorer-turned-businessman Hugh Harding, was the last to see him alive. As the inquest begins, choices made by both men – in love and in life – are put on the stand.

The Baltimore Boys
Joel Dicker
MacLehose Press
UK Edition

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair was a phenomenal bestseller, and this part-sequel part-prequel catches up with novelist Marcus Goldman, struggling to write his third novel. Inspiration seems low on the ground until he runs into his first love, Alexandra Neville, now a successful singer. It takes him back to when he and his two cousins were known as The Baltimore Boys. And the burden of the past, its lies, jealousy and betrayal, must now be exposed.

Man Alive
Thomas Page McBee
UK Edition

From one of America’s most important and engaging voices comes a powerful, harrowing and thought-provoking memoir that poses the question: what does it mean to be a man. To answer this, Thomas Page McBee confronts his past: his father’s abuse of him, and the violent mugging which almost killed him as an adult. Standing at the brink of the life-changing decision to transition from female to male, McBee seeks to understand these examples of flawed manhood, and reclaim his body on his own terms. 

The Shadow District
Arnaldur Indridason
Harvill Secker
UK Edition

The international bestseller and star of Scandi-crime returns with a major new series that weaves the past and the present. A 90-year-old man is found murdered in his bed, smothered by his own pillows. Konrad, a retired detective, finds press cuttings in the dead man’s room relating to a brutal murder. In wartime Reykjavik, a young woman was found strangled behind the National Theatre, a rough and dangerous area of the city known as ‘the shadow district’. It’s a crime that Konrad remembers. But can he finally find the killer?

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful
Eric Lindstrom
HarperCollins Children's Books
UK Edition

Mel Hannigan is mourning the death of her firework of a brother, as well as the loss of three friendships that used to mean everything. Struggling to deal with a condition that not even her closest friends know about, she has locked away her heart to numb the highs and lows. But things can change. And someone new shows her that it can be worth taking a risk, that opening up to life is what can make it glorious. A heart-breaking yet uplifting novel from the acclaimed author of Not If I See You First.

The Serpent Sword
Matthew Harffy
UK Edition

In the mould of Bernard Cornwell comes a thrilling, blood-soaked historical adventure – the first book in The Bernicia Chronicles. In the wake of his brother’s almost-certain murder, Beobrand seeks revenge on his killer. It’s a quest that will lead him to the war-torn badlands of Northumbria – a place riven with distrust and violence as warlords attempt to take dominion. Can Beobrand avenge his brother’s death? And can he do so without losing his honour?

Gravel Heart
Abdulrazak Gurnah
UK Edition

Abdulrazak Gurnah was shortlisted for the 1994 Booker Prize for Paradise, and Gravel Heart could easily go on to replicate that feat. It tells the story of Salim, who’s always believed his father doesn’t want him. Living in Zanzibar, in a house full of secrets, he is a bookish child, a dreamer haunted by night terrors. But when an uncle offers Salim an escape, the lonely teenager travels to London. Nothing can prepare him for the biting cold and seething crowds – or the devastating truths he will face.

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London Book Fair Recap, 2017

The sun shone brightly through the glass domes of Olympia last week, as the London Book Fair came to town. The weather was for once fresh and clear, but the general atmosphere seemed more changeable. While some publishers and agents were reporting enthusiastic offers and exciting auctions; others seemed more cautious, perhaps in light of Brexit and other market conditions. Overall it felt slightly less busy around the halls, but the buzz was still palpable.

London Book Fair is conducted in seven sections, each notionally devoted to different aspects of the publishing industry– trade, academic, tech support, remaindered books, etc – and seeing the sheer breadth of what is available is staggering. Whether you’re a new digital start up, an author wandering the halls trying to get publishers to buy his book, an auction being conducted for a hot debut, or a business meeting about meta-data provision, all publishing life seems to be there. It’s no wonder that everyone looks exhausted by Thursday afternoon.

At NetGalley, we love attending LBF – we’re lucky that we interact with so many publishers from so many different territories, and it was great to be able to catch up with so many of them. We also met with some new publishers, who hopefully will be joining us soon. But the Fair is more than just a series of meetings.

We also had some time to attend some of the many, many seminars and lectures that took place over the three days. Particularly of interest was the panel on the visual language of publishing. We learned a lot, especially from literary agent and former Marketing Manager of Foyle’s Bookshop, Julia Kingsford. Her top tips for social media were very instructive – you can read them here – but our favourite was this: always post your images and photos in landscape not portrait. That way everyone can see the full image, and there is less awkward cropping of the image!

As ever though, the best thing about the fair was hearing about all the books that will in around eighteen months (or even sooner) be finding their way on to NetGalley. We were most excited to hear that there’ll be a new Eleanor Catton novel, the first non-fiction book from Jarvis Cocker, and we’re already intrigued about the new Swedish crime sensation In The Mire by Susanne Jansson. We can’t wait for you to read them!

P.S. We look forward to doing it all over again at BookExpo & BookCon in NYC (June 1-4, booth #2015). Hopefully we will see you there!


NetGalley UK’s Top Ten Books, August 2016

August is sometimes a slow month in terms of new books, but this year there is a nice blend of original titles and returning big names. Heading the pack is the European sensation, The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 ¼ Years Old, a bestseller that is sure to translate to the British market – do have a read, we think you’ll love it.

Other highly recommended titles include a big break-out fantasy novel in Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight, charming children’s fiction in Wonderboy, and classic crime in William Marshall’s Gelignite. We hope you find something that excites you and that you can recommend for summer reads!

Book of the Month

The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 ¼ Years Old
Hendrik Groen
Michael Joseph
UK Edition

The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen – Holland’s unlikeliest hero – has become a cultural phenomenon in his native Netherlands, and is certain to be one of the most talked about novels of the year. It’s a story of growing old in both grace and disgrace, and has a charm, wit and insight that makes it one of the most original books you’ll read this year. Unusual, sly and utterly beguiling, The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen could be this season’s secret bestseller.

The Angels Die
Yasmina Khadra
Gallic Books
World Edition

This tale of life between the wars in Algeria is a beautifully written and moving novel with a devastating left-hook. At its heart is Turambo, whose hopes of a better future in the city are dashed by a succession of menial jobs. Turambo rages at the injustice surrounding him, but a boxing apprenticeship offers Turambo an alternative to street brawling. Panoramic yet intimate, this is a superb character study of an unforgettable creation.

Jay Kristoff
Harper Voyager
UK Edition
US Edition

Nevernight – an epic, brilliantly intriguing fantasy – is the story of Mia, a girl haunted by the violence she experienced at the age of 10. Six years later, she is hell-bent on revenge, but to have any chance of success she must enter the Red Church, an academy for assassins, where she will have to prove herself against the deadliest of enemies, and survive the tutelage of murderers, liars and demons. Gripping and compulsive reading.

Taduno's Song
Odafe Atogun
Canongate Books
UK Edition

Singer Taduno returns from political exile to the country of his birth to find that the dictatorship’s efforts to erase all trace of him have been so successful that he has been entirely forgotten, even by his closest friends and neighbours – while the regime has also imprisoned the woman he loves. He must chose to fight the power, or save the love of his life. A surprising and unusual debut that is unafraid to take on the biggest of themes.

The House on Sunset Lake
Tasmina Perry
Headline Review
World Edition

The House on Sunset Lake from the Sunday Times bestseller Tasmina Perry is a heart-wrenching love story bejewelled with mysteries and dark secrets. Set in the Deep South of America in 2015 and 1995, it traces the tumultuous relationship between Jim Johnson and Jennifer Wyatt, and the dark secrets of the strange and mysterious house where they meet: Casa D’Or. Few writers do this kind of emotional drama as well as Tasmina Perry.

The Hummingbird's Cage
Tamara Dietrich
UK Edition

Joanna’s life feels impossible. On the outside, her family looks perfect. But behind closed doors, her husband is a controlling monster, intent on breaking her spirit for good. It feels there is no hope, until a stranger offers her and her daughter a way out. But running proves as dangerous as staying. One morning, she wakes in a strange town without her daughter and with no memory of how she got there. Does she have the courage to find her child?

The Perfect Girl
Gilly Macmillan
UK Edition

Zoe Maisey is a musical genius, a virtuoso adored by the world – and yet behind the performances that stun audiences, there is a greater daily show. Because Zoe once was convicted of causing the death of three teenagers. She has served her time, but the past she has tried so hard to bury always threatens to come back to haunt her. And then, one night, her mother dies, and those threats become a reality.

William Marshall
Worldwide Edition

William Marshall does not have the reputation his superb police procedurals deserve – but this is set to change with the reissue of his 1976 classic, Gelignite. Set in Hong Kong and featuring DCI Harry Feiffer, a European born and raised in Hong Kong and Senior Inspector Christopher O’Yee, this is mystery writing at its most inventive.

Nicole Burstein
AU, EU, UK Edition

Joseph ‘Wilco’ Wilkes is one of life’s losers – he’s picked on, pushed around, and bullied by the rugby boys at the posh private school he attends on a scholarship. But his life is about to change in this delightful and engaging superhero tale.


Happiness and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance
Haim Shapira
Watkins Publishing
Worldwide Edition

Drawing on literary and philosophical sources ranging from Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince to Leo Tolstoy, King Solomon and Friedrich Nietzsche, Haim Shapira challenges perspectives on happiness and focuses on alternative ways to appreciate what is important. Stirring and deeply thought-provoking.


NetGalley UK’s Top Ten Books, July 2016

July’s selection is perhaps even more eclectic than usual, taking in a Booker-Prize winner, a cookery book for inspiring young chefs, a hot YA title, a tale of escape from brutality, and several novels of considerable intrigue.

Our Book of the Month is Dirt Road, the return of James Kelman, perhaps one of Britain’s most innovative and important post-war writers. It’s a moving and brilliantly insightful tale of fathers and sons and we really can’t recommend it highly enough!

Book of the Month

Dirt Road
James Kelman
UK Edition

James Kelman won the Booker Prize in 1994 for his novel How Late it was, How Late – an uncompromising, dark, yet often mordantly funny tale of a man driven to the very pits of despair. Dirt Road is less visceral, but just as affecting. Murdo and his broken, battered father Tom leave their Scottish home for a trip to the deep south of America. On the road, they discover where the hopes of youth can conquer the fears of age – and how the bonds of love can be both a salvation and a curse. This is a major novel exploring the brevity of life, the agonising demands of love, and the lure of the open road.

Dan Vyleta
UK Edition
US Edition

Already one of the hottest properties even before publication, Dan Vyleta’s Smoke is set to become one of the biggest novels of the year – and with Stylist saying it fills the ‘hole left by both Harry Potter and Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights. Yes, really.’ you can see why. In a world where sins and lies appears like smoke rising from the body, Thomas and Charlie are kept at an exclusive school away from such pollution. But then they go to London, and what they see there changes them forever…

I See You
Clare Mackintosh
UK Edition

I Let You Go was one of 2015’s most exciting and well-received thriller debuts, and this follow-up more than delivers the same page-turning delights. One afternoon, Zoe Walker is reading the newspaper when she sees a picture of herself buried amongst the adverts. There is a web address and a phone number and nothing more. Everyone says she is being paranoid – but what it if she’s not? What if someone is watching every move she makes?

The Bone Sparrow
Zana Fraillon
Orion Children's Books
UK Edition
US Edition

A beautiful, vivid and deeply moving story about a refugee boy who has spent his entire life living in a detention centre, The Bone Sparrow introduces us to Subhi and his constricted, limited life. Subhi measures himself by how tall he is against the fence – he is now 19 fence diamonds high – and beyond those diamonds lies freedom, and also a boy called Jimmie. Their very different lives lead to a friendship which will make both question their own pasts – and futures.

Paris Mon Amour
Isabel Costello
World Edition

In this exceptional debut, Isabel Costello – the host of the Literary Sofa blog – explores what happens when a seemingly ideal relationship is shattered by the discovery of infidelity. Beautifully told through the boulevards and arrondissements of the City of Light, Paris Mon Amour is a sensual novel about inescapable desire and devastating betrayals, about a woman caught between two men, and what happens when there is no way obvious way out.

The Girl Who Beat Isis
Farida Khalaf & Andrea C. Hoffmann
Square Peg
UK Edition

In August 2014, Farida, like any ordinary teenage girl, was enjoying the summer holidays before her last year at school. But school never reconvened: her village was an ISIS target and she was abducted. With courage, clear eyes and determination, Farida confronts the atrocities she faced, and the moment when she and five others escaped their tormentors. Her account of her journey to safety is an important and astonishingly moving true life story, and one that is impossible to forget.

Keggie Carew
Chatto & Windus
UK Edition

This is a rare-bird of a book, one that is both hugely exciting as well as being highly emotionally charged. It is the true story of Keggie Carew’s father – a left-handed stutterer who was parachuted behind enemy lines to raise resistance during the Second World War – whose wit and dazzling charm is now slightly dimmed by memory loss. The story of his life – and the life Keggie and her father share – is superbly recreated in this very special memoir. 

The Chrysalis
Catherine Deveney
Old Street Publishing
World Edition

The Chrysalis is a psychologically acute and penetrating novel of the things we would do for love. An old woman, Marianne, is shuffling towards death in a care home – but carrying a deeply held secret. Haunted by the events of one fatal night in an idyllic French town, she decides to take a trip there – and sets off with her carer on an adventure that will affect the present as much as the past.

Everything Love Is
Claire King
EU, AU & UK Edition

From the author of the much- loved The Night Rainbow comes another elegantly written, haunting and gripping tale of love and secrets. Baptiste Molino has devoted his life to other people’s happiness, living quietly in a boat in Toulouse. And then two women, one a client, the other a waitress, stir in him the pangs of love – and bring him to confront the truth of his past. Compelling and vivid.

The World In My Kitchen
Sally Brown & Kate Morris
World Edition

This is an ingenious, fun and incredibly clever cookbook – one that not only includes delicious recipes, but also lots of activities and tasks for children of all ages to ensure that they grow up with a love of cooking good food. The head chef/sous chef idea is great, as adults do the more complex parts, while the kids do the fun bits. A perfect book to have in the kitchen!


NetGalley UK’s Top Ten Books, June 2016

June’s top ten was probably the most difficult to decide upon since we started the UK Books of the Month roundup a couple of years ago. Across all genres, all the titles were incredibly strong and long conversations were had about those we should include. In the end, we hope we’ve captured the very best of an exceptional month!

The Girls by Emma Cline was acquired in huge publisher deals worldwide, and having read it, you can see why – it was our unanimous choice for Book of the Month. The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin is perhaps the most anticipated sequel of the year, while The Woman in Cabin 10 sees the return of 2015’s most exciting crime discovery, Ruth Ware. We’d also like to make a special mention for The Lost Time Accidents by John Wray – perfect for fans of David Mitchell and Jonathan Lethem.

We hope you find something special!


The Girls
Emma Cline
Chatto & Windus
UK Edition
US Edition

This stellar debut novel was inspired by the infamous Manson Family cult – and its blend of coming-of-age tale, obsession, love and violence makes for a heady, compelling cocktail. But it’s the writing – praised by the likes of Jennifer Egan, Richard Ford and Mark Haddon – which makes The Girls such an immersive experience. Woozy, hallucinatory, yet vivid in its depiction of desire and the atmosphere of the late 1960s, this is a novel that will dominate the literary pages, and be one of the most talked about – and read – debuts this year.

The City of Mirrors
Justin Cronin
UK Edition
US Edition

The Passage Trilogy comes to a thrilling and momentous conclusion in The City of Mirrors – a worthy successor to the hugely popular The Passage and The Twelve. Praised by Stephen King as “a thrilling finale to a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction”, Justin Cronin at last reveals the fate of Amy – and the fate of the human race. Unmissable.

The Fireman
Joe Hill
UK Edition

Yes, this is another end-of-the-world novel, but this is a Joe Hill end-of-the-world novel – which means it’s something quite special. A virus arrives out of nowhere. FOX News says it has been set loose by ISIS using Russian technology from the 1980s. MSNBC blames a cult fixated on the Book of Revelation. Wherever it came from, Harper Grayson has just one thing on her mind: survival. A gripping and terrifying epic.

Paper Butterflies
Lisa Heathfield
Electric Monkey
UK Edition

One of the most affecting and unforgettable YAs in recent memory, Paper Butterflies introduces us to a heart-breaking and superbly realised heroine. Trapped and held alone by her stepmother and sister, June dreams of escape. And then one day, in the woods, she glimpses a boy called Blister – and with him, the possibility of freedom. The question is: what will she be prepared do to so she can finally spread her wings?

The Woman in Cabin 10
Ruth Ware
Harvill Secker
UK Edition
US Edition

In a Dark, Dark Wood – the story of a hen party gone horribly, murderously wrong – was the crime debut of 2015, and The Woman in Cabin 10 is a devilish and worthy follow up. Lo Blackwood, recuperating from a broken heart, takes a trip on a boutique cruise. The idyllic surroundings are shattered however when she witnesses a body being thrown overboard. Has she seen a murder? Or is something else going on?

Modern Lovers
Emma Straub
Michael Joseph
UK Edition
US Edition

Emma Straub, author of the best-selling The Vacationers, is one of the sharpest, funniest and intelligent writers about contemporary relationships, and this is her finest book yet. Friends Elizabeth and Andrew and Zoe are now approaching their fifties, and the trappings of the adult world seem to have arrived with ease. But the summer that their children reach maturity, secrets and revelations are finally let loose can never be reclaimed.

The Museum of You
Carys Bray
UK Edition

The bestselling and much-loved author of A Song for Issy Bradley returns with a perfectly and exquisitely observed novel of family love and family secrets. Clover loves her father, her father loves Clover; but their relationship is overwhelmed by the absence of her mother. Clover determines to find out about her mother, using all the things she left behind. But what you find depends on what you’re searching for . . .


The Lost Time Accidents
John Wray
US Edition

It is such an inviting premise – haunted by a failed love affair and the darkest of family secrets, Waldemar ‘Waldy’ Tolliver wakes one morning to discover that he has been exiled from the flow of time – that you hope the author does it justice. John Wray exceeds even the highest expectations in this ebulliently written, deeply intelligent take on the Great American Novel. Do not be surprised to see this on the Man Booker Shortlist. 

The Man Who Wanted to Know
D.A. Mishani
UK Edition

Feted by Henning Mankell, D.A. Mishani creates mysteries in the grand tradition, but with a very modern slant. Set in Israel, his Inspector Avraham Avraham series has rightly become internationally acclaimed, and this is the latest instalment. Avraham has only one clue to a murder: a witness who saw a policeman at the scene. It’s a clue, however, that exposes a wider, stranger series of events. A crime novel to treasure.

Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew
Susan Fletcher
UK Edition

A historical novel set at the turn of the Twentieth Century in Provence, Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew is a tale of friendship, prejudice and our understanding of others. The hospital of Saint-Paul-de Mausole is home to the mentally ill. Jeanne is told not to approach the patients, but one man seems worth breaking the promise she made to her husband. It is a decision that will change all of their lives. Beautiful and inspired.


NetGalley UK’s Top Ten Books, April 2016

With so many strong and intriguing books publishing in April, putting together our top ten was surprisingly difficult this month. There are some very well-known names on the list, alongside some that are just starting out – but all are worthy of your attention.

Our top selection, They Are Trying to Break Your Heart by David Savill, is a debut novel of rare grace and subtlety – one that I think might be a dark horse for many of the literary prizes this coming year. And if you want something a little different to your usual fare, do have a look at Annie Dillard’s The Abundance, a collection of essays that will make you think about things just a little differently.


They Are Trying to Break Your Heart
David Savill
UK Edition

In 1994, Marko Novak’s world is torn apart when his best friend is killed during the shelling of their Bosnian home town. Marko flees to England, hoping to put his broken homeland, and the part he played in the loss of his friend, behind him. Ten years later, and a tsunami approaches Thailand, a disaster that will reopen Marko’s past, and fracture his present. This ambitious, powerful, yet understated novel is everything you might hope for from a modern novel – and introduces a novelist of huge talent.

Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All
Jonas Jonasson
Fourth Estate
UK Edition

Jonas Jonasson’s multimillion-copy bestseller The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is one of the most loved of recent novels – and this superb follow up is a worthy successor. Take one violent killer, a dilapidated Swedish hotel, five thousand missing kronor, two shrewd business brains and several crates of Moldovan red wine, and you’ll get the unique recipe for another Jonasson bestseller.

The Missing Hours
Emma Kavanagh
UK Edition

The author of the hugely successful Falling and Hidden returns with another masterclass in psychological suspense. The Missing Hours’ premise is simple: one moment, Selena Cole is in the playground with her children; the next she has gone missing. But the strange part is that she’s back within a day, and with no knowledge of where she’s been. With this, Emma Kavanagh weaves a complex and gripping mystery that will captivate until its surprising denouement.

The Sign of One
Eugene Lambert
Electric Monkey
UK Edition

There has already been a lot of interest in this brilliantly jacketed slice of YA SF. Wrath is a dump planet for human outcasts, and home to sixteen-year-old Kyle. But hope comes in the form of Sky, a rebel pilot with trust issues. Together they run away, but Kyle has no idea of the forces following him, and why he warrants this level of pursuit. Tense, well-plotted and with great characters, this is set to be a big new YA series.

V For Violet
Alison Rattle
Hot Key Books
UK Edition

The early 1960s setting of V for Violet is stunning realised in this wholly convincing tale of love and mystery set just before the Beatles make the sixties swing. Violet’s life in London is one of dreams of stardom, until she meets Beau. He’s a rocker with a motorcycle and life seems so glamorous – until girls begin to go missing. And Violet begins to wonder whether her brother might somehow be involved . . .

Martin Stewart
UK Edition

Anthony McGowan, award-winning author of The Knife that Killed Me, has already praised Martin Stewart’s Riverkeep, comparing it to such classics as The Wizard of Earthsea and Gormenghast – and it’s hard not to agree. Wulliam’s father is possessed by a dark spirit, and the only hope to save him is to find the great sea-beast known as the mormorach – a quest that will take him down into the darkness of the world.

Tastes Like Fear
Sarah Hilary
UK Edition

The DI Marnie Rome series continues to go from strength to strength. In Tastes Like Fear, her third case, Rome is investigating the disappearance of a young girl. But as she gets closer to unravelling the mystery of her whereabouts, she realises she is up against a criminal more dangerous than any she has faced. His name is Harm. And he will stop at nothing to protect his ‘family’.

The Abundance
Annie Dillard
UK Edition

Annie Dillard illuminates the seemingly ordinary moments of a life lived fearlessly – as a breathless teenager, as a roving young adult and as an experienced woman – with her unique wit, boundless curiosity and fierce, undeniably singular voice. This collection of essays showcases her undeniable talents, and why she is regarded as one of the US’s most important writers.

The Course of Love
Alain de Botton
Hamish Hamilton
UK Edition

Alain de Botton is best known for his pioneering non-fiction, but he started as a novelist, and now finally he returns to fiction. The Course of Love takes us from the first thrill of lust, to the joys and fears of real commitment, to the deep problems that surface slowly over two shared lifetimes. Playful, wise and profoundly moving, it is the story of a marriage told in the way only Alain de Botton can.

The Cauliflower®
Nicola Barker
William Heinemann
UK Edition

If you’ve never read Nicola Barker before, you are missing out on one of the most dazzlingly inventive, wildly funny and uncategorizable writers at work today. The Cauliflower® is the mischievous and unruly story of Sri Ramakrishna – godly avatar, esteemed spiritual master, beloved guru – and his long-suffering nephew Hriday. Oh, and cauliflower. Delicious and devious.

News from NetGalley

An out-of-this-world shortlist for the
British Science Fiction Association Awards

The shortlist for the 2015 British Science Fiction Association Novel of the Year Award has now been announced, and we’re giving NetGalley members the opportunity to wish for these five superb books. Just click on the jacket – and hopefully your wish will come true!

The BSFA awards are presented annually by the British Science Fiction Association, based on a vote of BSFA members and members of the British national science fiction convention Eastercon. They are fan awards that not only seek to honour the most worthy examples in each category, but to promote the genre of science fiction, and get people reading, talking about and enjoying all that contemporary science fiction has to offer.

So even if you don’t regularly read SF, do take a look at these titles – they will take you to the stars!


Europe at Midnight, Dave Hutchinson (Solaris)

A stabbing on a London bus pitches intelligence officer Jim into a world in which his intelligence service is preparing for war with another universe, and a strange man holds the key to unlocking Europe’s most jealously guarded secret . . .

Glorious Angels, Justina Robson (Gollancz)

On a luminous world where science and magic are hard to tell apart, a stranger arrives in a remote town with news of impending political turmoil. It is a message that changes everything for one young woman, who learns  she must free herself from the role she has accepted . . .

The House of Shattered Wings, Aliette de Bodard (Gollancz)

In the aftermath of the Great Magicians War, the once great house of Silverspires seeks salvation through three very different people must come together: a naive but powerful Fallen, an alchemist with a self-destructive addiction, and a resentful young man wielding spells from the Far East . . .

Luna: New Moon, Ian McDonald (Gollancz)

Luna is a gripping thriller about five corporate families caught in a bitter battle for supremacy in the harsh environment of the moon. It’s very easy to die on the moon – but with its vast mineral wealth it is also easy to make your fortune.

Mother of Eden, Chris Beckett (Crown Publishing)

Just a few generations ago, the planet’s five hundred inhabitants huddled together in the light and warmth of the Forest’s lantern trees, afraid to venture out into the cold darkness around them. But for Starlight Brooking, a dangerous and powerful life beyond the trees awaits . . .


NetGalley UK’s Top Ten Books, March 2016

We’ve been looking ahead to 2016 for a few months now, so it seems odd to be saying happy New Year – but we’ll say it anyway! You might also have noticed that we’ve had a bit of a spring clean in your profile, so do please take a look and update your role and birthday if you haven’t already.

There’s real excitement abound for our March titles, which sees a departure for a bestselling novelist, a book that could change the way you eat lunch, the return of one of the UK’s most exciting young novelists and a fantastical trip through the world of the great Bard. It’s an eclectic mix, and one that we hope will brighten your January.


Cecilia Ahern
HarperCollins Children’s Books | Teens & YA
UK Edition

Since the publication of P.S. I Love You in 2004, Cecilia Ahern has become one of Ireland’s bestselling and most beloved novelists – but Flawed marks a radical departure from her usual contemporary romance. This is the story of Celestine North – model daughter, perfect student, girlfriend of the impossibly cute Art Crevan – whose one simple act of kindness threatens to shatter her idyllic life. In a society that demands obedience, her help of one of the flawed – people deemed by the state to be untouchable – is a crime. But Celestine takes a stand, with devastating consequences. You will not read a more persuasive, convincing and gripping YA novel this year.

The Living
Anjali Joseph
Fourth Estate Literary Fiction
UK Edition

One of the boldest and most interesting of new writers, Anjali Joseph’s latest novel – after her much lauded Saraswati Park and Another Country – is confirmation of her gifts for observation, character and compassion. This is a luminous tale of two lives lived in very different situations, Claire is a young single mother working in England, Arun is an older man in a western Indian town. The story that emerges is both touching and melancholic, beautiful and unusual. Sure to be everywhere come awards season in 2016.

Anthony Quinn
Jonathan Cape General Fiction (Adult)
UK Edition

Curtain Call, Anthony Quinn’s break-out novel introduced him to a whole new audience – and Freya seems set to further cement his reputation as one of our most interesting historical novelists. We first meet the eponymous Freya in the wake of the wild VE-day celebrations and follow the course of her life up to the swing of the 1960s. Quinn’s depiction of an ordinary woman in extraordinary times is excellent, and his eye for period detail second to none.

The Summer Before the War
Helen Simonson
Bloomsbury General Fiction (Adult)
UK Edition

Helen Simonson arrived fully formed on the literary scene with the bestselling Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. The Summer Before the War has the same kind of slow-burning intensity of her previous book, but with the pervading unease of the impending Great War affecting a close-knit community in Sussex. The characters, especially the headstrong Beatrice Nash, are drawn with affection and ease, making this a truly absorbing novel.

Trust No One
Clare Donoghue
Pan Books Mystery & Thrillers
UK Edition

From one of the most promising of emerging crime writers comes the third book in the Lockyer & Bennett series. DS Jane Bennett and DI Mike Lockyer are called in to investigate one of the South London murder squad’s most difficult and distressing cases yet – where family and friends come under scrutiny in the hardest of circumstances.

Death in Profile
Guy Fraser-Sampson
Urbane Publications Mystery & Thrillers
UK Edition

This debut crime novel is an ingenious blend of modern detective work and ‘Golden Age’ crime writing – making for a distinctive mystery novel. Intellectual analysis and police procedure vie with the gut instinct of ‘copper’s nose’, and help appears to offer itself from a very unlikely source – a famous fictional detective – as a crack team try to solve a series of murders in London’s genteel Hampstead.

We've Come to Take You Home
Susan Gandar
Cameron Publicity Mystery and Thrillers
UK Edition

This is a time-bending story of a friendship forged in the most unusual of manners, from a writer of great skill and clarity. When Sam Foster’s father is admitted to hospital with a suspected brain haemorrhage, however, the dreams that plague her seem to be more real, more terrifying than mere imagination.  And then she meets Jessica Brown…

The English Girl
Katherine Webb
Orion General Fiction (Adult)
UK Edition

Katherine Webb has become one of the most popular writers of contemporary fiction after a string of hits, including The Legacy. The English Girl is her most ambitious yet, centring on Joan Seabrook, a fledgling archaeologist, whose dream trip to Muscat is interrupted by a chance encounter with the extraordinary and reclusive Maude…

Monstrous Little Voices
Abaddon Sci Fi & Fantasy
UK Edition

Five of the most exciting names in genre fiction today – Jonathan Barnes, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emma Newman, Foz Meadows and Kate Heartfield – delve into the worlds Shakespeare created to weave together a story of courage, transformation and magic. A bravura accomplishment quite unlike anything you’ve read before.

The Right Bite
Jackie Lynch
Nourish Cooking, Food & Wine
UK Edition

It’s incredible that no one has thought of such a clever book before: a one-stop guide to what to eat when you’re at a bar, restaurant of café and healthy options are limited. With accessible, practical advice for all those everyday occasions, The Right Bite will show you how to make smarter, more informed culinary choices.


Top Ten UK Books… coming in February 2016

After a brief interlude to look back at 2015, we’re back to showcase the titles we’re looking forward to in the New Year – and there really are some stunning books on the way.

Earlier this year, the US side of NetGalley was going crazy for Anna North’s The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, and now we have the opportunity to sample its delights. Closer to home, it’s great to welcome back Anna Hope, author of Wake; and to discover a brilliant piece of dystopian futurism in Graft by Matt Hill. We hope you’ll find something that will take your fancy.

We’d like to wish you all the very best for the holiday season. We hope you get plenty of time for reading!


The Life and Death of Sophie Stark
Anna North
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
UK edition

This bold, intelligent and original novel is already shaping up to be one of the word-of-mouth successes of 2016 – thanks to thunderous praise from the US, where it was published earlier this year. Centring on the titular Sophie Stark, we see her life as a genius of the film world from six different vantage points, giving us an unforgettable portrait of a truly enigmatic character. The writing and execution are exquisite, and this should be a candidate for many prizes in the UK this year.

The Ballroom
Anna Hope
UK Edition

Two years after her arresting and hugely popular debut, Wake, Anna Hope returns with another exquisite slice of historical fiction, this time set in the famous heatwave of 1911. Vividly realised, The Ballroom centres on an asylum close to the Yorkshire Moors. It is a place of desperation and heartache, but a yearly dance offers some form of respite. And for John and Ella, the dance will transform their lives forever.

Mend the Living
Maylis de Kerangal
Maclehose Press
UK Edition
US Edition

From one of France’s most acclaimed and innovative writers comes a novel that is both epic and intimate, both intelligent and emotionally engaging. It is the story of Simon Limbeau, or more accurately, the story of his heart as it moves from an accident to surgery over the course of twenty-four hours. Gripping and beautifully written, Mend the Living is a novel quite unlike any other, and one that should make de Kerangal’s name in the UK as respected as it is in her native France.

Travis Mulhauser
Fourth Estate
UK Edition

As novelist Brock Clarke – an early evangelist for this smart yet gritty debut novel – said, Sweetgirl is ‘far, far funnier than it has any right to be’, which makes sense when you read the plot. Sixteen-year-old Percy James is blessed with a meth-addicted mother and a dirt poor existence – until a blizzard threatens to take even that from her. The voice of Percy is stunningly real, and this is a novel that sucks you in despite its seemingly downbeat story.

One Under
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Severn House
UK/US Edition

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles’ series of police procedurals featuring Bill Slider is one of crime fiction’s most consistent delights. Set in West London, each book shows the wider aspect of a detective’s work, while also offering some fiendish mysteries. In this case, Slider has to untangle three events that may or may not be connected.


Matt Hill
Angry Robot
Worldwide Edition

This slice of Mancunian neo-noir is both tense and thought-provoking, casting a light not only on what is to come, but what is actually already here. Manchester, 2025. Local mechanic Sol steals old vehicles to meet the demand for spares – until Sol finds himself caught up in a nightmarish trans-dimensional human trafficking conspiracy. Science Fiction at its most astute.

The Turning Tide
Brooke Magnanti
UK Edition

If the name Brooke Magnanti sounds familiar and you’re not sure why, it may be because you recognise her alter-ego, Belle de Jour, author of Diary of a London Call Girl. This is a very different proposition, however; a devastating and tightly woven thriller about a woman with a seemingly normal life, until she decides to cross the line. A chilling novel of secrets and deception.

Orphan X
Gregg Hurwitz
Michael Joseph
UK Edition
US Edition

Many thrillers come with praise from other crime writers, but few could hope to match the advance excitement that has already greeted Orphan X. Lee Child, David Baldacci, Tess Gerritsen, Jonathan Kellerman, Lisa Gardner and Robert Crais have all acclaimed it as one of the best thrillers for years – and it’s easy to see why. If you like Bourne and Reacher, it’s a must-read.

Salt to the Sea
Ruta Sepetys
UK Edition
US Edition

Based on an inspirational story from World War Two, this is an evocative and consistently enthralling tale for young adults. It’s early 1945 and a group of people trek across Germany, bound together by their desperation to reach the ship that can take them away from the war-ravaged land. Four young people, each haunted by their own dark secret, narrate their unforgettable stories…

There's a Dragon in my Dinner!
Tom Nicoll
UK Edition

This is a truly wonderful children’s tale, full of humour and hilarious illustrations. As Eric empties the cartons from Friday night’s Chinese takeaway, he catches a flash of green and spots a puff of smoke. So Pan – a Mini Dragon – enters his life, and proceeds to turn it upside down. How is Eric going to explain the trail of devastation caused by one creature not much bigger than a spring roll?