The 2014 NetGalley Wellness Challenge has officially come to an end (but you can still unofficially join at any time!)


During this year’s Challenge we focused on how NetGalley members “book talk,” meaning how members get the word out about books they read on NetGalley. We provided suggestions and examples via email, social media, 2 live webinars, and in-person at BookExpo America.

Did you miss the Challenge? Check out our recap below, and take advantage of the helpful resources anytime!

image Nearly 2,000 members signed the Wellness Challenge Pledge!

image Over 900 members attended the Wellness Challenge webinars where we provided tips for using your NetGalley account, new features available, and tips for leaving Feedback. (Watch the recorded version here!)

image We met with many of our members (particularly bloggers, booksellers, and librarians) in-person at BookExpo America! We walked through their accounts, looked at their stats, their Profiles, and talked about the Feedback they leave and what other information they can provide publishers.

What you can do:

imageBefore you can leave Feedback in NetGalley you need to be approved for a title – to start out on the right foot, look at our Profile examples and suggestions in our Before You Request section. Keep in mind that Publishers make their approval decisions based on your Profile and Bio!

imageWant a quick way to assess how you currently “book talk”? Our Reader Checklist that will provide best practices when leaving Feedback to publishers in NetGalley.

imageNeed more of a visual? Watch our recorded webinar that shows you an actual NetGalley account and how to navigate important sections, submit Feedback, what Feedback you can submit, and what is the most valuable to publishers.

image For tips from other Professional Readers and industry professionals, read our Recipes for Success blog series!

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News from NetGalley

Did you miss BEA? NetGalley to the rescue!

Last week the publishing world convened in New York for BookExpo America—the largest book trade fair in the U.S. BEA is an annual event that gives publishers an opportunity to launch their biggest upcoming titles and meet with colleagues across the publishing industry. NetGalley attends BEA to connect face-to-face with our members and publisher clients to share information about new features on the site and reminders about how to get the most out of your NetGalley account.

This year our Concierge Team met with over 50 publishers to help them better connect with readers on NetGalley. From independent presses and authors to the Big 5, we had fun hearing which books they’re most excited about, and gave them lots of ideas for utilizing NetGalley in their campaigns. We encouraged them to customize their new Publisher Profiles—readers, go ahead and “favorite” the ones you love!

Tarah, your Reader Concierge, also met with many NetGalley members. During these meetings members had the opportunity to ask questions about using their accounts, how they can utilize their account best for their specific member type and previewing needs, and also a quick profile review to make sure they have the best possible chance of being approved by publisher for titles.

These meetings also focused on the NetGalley Wellness Challenge theme: “Do you book talk?” Tarah shared information about what publishers are looking for when you submit Feedback, so they can see how NetGalley members are building buzz to help launch new books. Learn our tips by participating in our Wellness Challenge—if you haven’t signed the Pledge, there’s still time! Pledge to submit meaningful feedback for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the book retailer of your choice.

Don’t miss next week’s Wellness Challenge Webinar (click to register), where Tarah will review the basics of leaving feedback, what types of feedback are the most valuable, and common themes she came across during her meetings with readers.

Now, let’s get back to the books! Whether you were at BEA in person or spirit, you still have a chance to snag the featured titles. Check out our BookExpo America Wrap-Up where we roundup titles hand-picked by our publishers because they don’t want you to miss them. Plus, read excerpts from the biggest books of the season (and click through to full titles on NetGalley) in the BUZZ BOOKS (Adult and Young Adult). Just click the covers to download instantly!



image We continue to hear first-hand from publishers how word-of-mouth can truly help make or break a book’s success.

Today Dina Sherman, School & Library Marketing Director at Disney Book Group, has some words for our members:

“‘Professional’ reviews are essential as marketing tools, but it’s reader reviews (from teachers, librarians, booksellers, bloggers) that really get us excited about our books. Both staff and authors want to know that people like, or even better, love, the book as much as we do!


Probably my favorite NetGalley review of all time was for CODE NAME VERITY.  It was an in-house favorite (OK, let’s be honest, an in-house obsession) from the first time we read the manuscript. We talked about it all the time, shared it with every person we met, but couldn’t quite sum up our feelings.

Then came this wonderful reviewer*, who wrote, “Suck it, Hemingway.”  Exactly! It became our rallying cry and we would say it in meetings whenever we were trying to express our feelings about the book. It certainly helped us keep pushing to get it out into the world.”

* Written and submitted by Katherine Montgomery, educator

You can view Disney Book Group titles on NetGalley here to request and review.

Take a peek at our best practices for Feedback here (whether you’re a blogger/reviewer, librarian, bookseller, media professional, or educator), and don’t forget to sign the Wellness Challenge Pledge!


image We’re focusing this year’s NetGalley Wellness Challenge on Feedback and Reviews, because we’ve heard first-hand from publishers how word-of-mouth can truly help make or break a book’s success.

Today Pamela Brown, Marketing Director for Mulholland Books, has some words for our members:

No one is more important to a book’s success than you, dear reader.

“Marketers can spin their wheels coming up with creative contests, viral videos, and sought-after swag, but at the end of the day, we know it’s your recommendation—to your friends, to your family, to your colleagues—that matter.

Take, for example, Lauren Beukes’s The Shining Girls. I made myself hoarse singing its praises, but it was not until reviewers like you started talking about Kirby Mizrachi and the time-traveling serial killer that it became one of last summer’s must-reads. Thank you. Please wield your power wisely by reviewing what you read and recommending what you love.”

You can view Mulholland Books’ titles on NetGalley here to request and review.

Take a peek at our best practices for Feedback here (whether you’re a blogger/reviewer, librarian, bookseller, media professional, or educator), and don’t forget to sign the Wellness Challenge Pledge!


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This year’s 7-week Wellness Challenge focuses on Reviews and Feedback. Let’s make sure publishers hear you when you “book talk!” We want publishers to see how you build buzz and help to launch new books. We’ll provide tips for sharing your reviews with your friends and followers, and recommending books to your customers or patrons. Those who pledge will also be entered for a chance to win a prize (click the link below for more info!)

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