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New to NetGalley: Recommend books to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Each day NetGalley collects thousands of pieces of feedback about new titles, as members share star ratings, reviews, links, notes and recommendation plans through the site. Your feedback is essential to the commercial success of the books listed on our site—-and as professional readers, your recommendations matter a great deal when individuals decide what to read next.


Today we’re introducing a new feature so NetGalley members can additionally share their Feedback with their social networks, via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s easy and you can share your reviews all the books you have access to on NetGalley. You can log in right now to try this out with Feedback you’ve already sent, or with new Feedback.

When you share via NetGalley, your contacts will have the opportunity to view your comments on a private landing page which includes title information as well as standard inks to purchase the title from major book retailers.  Here are complete directions on how to share via NetGalley, as well as visuals of the whole process. Take a look!

Sharing isn’t required, of course, but we think you’ll like how easy it is to pass along your recommendations as you share Feedback with the publisher. After all, who doesn’t want to tell someone when they’ve read something amazing?

(Note: NetGalley has no access to your social network information or contacts. This new feature simply makes it very easy for you to share Feedback widely, when you’ve already chosen to do so via NetGalley. You can always include links to your reviews on your blog or website, as part of the Feedback for the title.)

More Ways to Discover Titles on NetGalley


We’ve added a new “Featured” category when you are browsing for titles on NetGalley. This new category is limited to 15 titles per week, specially selected by NetGalley and the publishers and authors we work with. You’ll often see a theme in the titles selected for this category, too. Click here to see which titles are Featured first.


And you will also notice new region preferences on titles available for request. Region preferences make it much easier for you to select titles you’re likely to be approved for, because they are being published in your geographic region.

Finally, we’ve added a link to our Help pages within your reader account. Look for the “Help” link at the top of your account, when you login.

Discover books that Indie Booksellers Love

Buzz Book

Did you know that the majority of titles selected for the Indie Next list are available on NetGalley? Here is the March list.

We announced a new program for US indie booksellers, in partnership with the American Booksellers Association. Your Digital White Box will be delivered to you via email once a month, starting in February 2014. If you are an ABA member, sign up today!

Finally, get a head start on the biggest Spring titles by downloading the Publishers Lunch Buzz Book, now available on NetGalley to READ NOW. This is a unique volume of excerpts from many of the biggest books of the upcoming season.