Join the NetGalley #Reviewathon!

Is your TBR (To Be Reviewed) pile overflowing? Do you want to boost your NetGalley Feedback Ratio

We want to help!
Tackle your summer reading goal and boost your NetGalley stats with our first-ever #Reviewathon!

The NetGalley #Reviewathon runs for 6 weeks, from July 22nd through August 30th, on our social channels. Join the fun to catch up on your backlog, get ahead on upcoming releases, aim for that coveted 80% badge, and acquire some new reviewing tips from other members.

During the #Reviewathon, we’ll host virtual events and challenges for our members to share their review progress and chat with the community.

Join our Twitter chats
with the hashtag #Reviewathon on July 31st, August 15th, and August 29th. Each 30-minute chat will allow you to  meet other NetGalley members, learn some helpful tips, and talk about your favorite books.

Watch our Instagram stories for a weekly story template that you can use to track your review progress. Plus we’ll post mini-challenges to share your #Reviewathon participation. Each Monday we’ll prompt you to post a photo that fits that week’s theme (using the hashtag #Reviewathon, of course!) and we’ll share them all. You’ll be able to see what other NetGalley bookstagrammers are reading and reviewing, and make some new friends!

Participate in our weekly Facebook polls about your review writing process and get for tips and strategies to become a better book reviewer. You’ll have the chance to discuss books and meet other NetGalley reviewers in the comments. Plus, we’ll give a shout-out to our Top Fans on Facebook each week!  

Need some extra tips to help with your review writing process? Check out these great resources:

  • Get answers for any of your NetGalley related questions in our FAQs.
    Here are specific tips for getting started with a review.
  • Janice Harayda, editor-in-chief of One-Minute Book Reviews, shared her wisdom here
  • Our friends at provide some Do’s and Don’ts for review writing here.

As the #Reviewathon wraps up, we will be hand-selecting the top participants to be recognized to our entire community! Make sure to follow our social channels and stay tuned for more info and sneak peeks.
Let the #Reviewathon commence!