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We’ve rounded up the publishers that our members have added to their favorites the most and this year’s top publishers have each chosen a title to feature, which you can request below!


To add a publisher to your favorites, just visit their publisher page by going to Browse Publishers, and then click the “Add to Favorites” button. Click here for more information about managing your Favorite Publishers list and how you can use it to find titles you’re interested in quickly.


Cover Love

I know that we all have BEA on the brain, and are being bombarded with all the great titles that will be promoted there. I’m excited to get in on the recommending-action with something as simple as these beautiful covers. If you enjoy these lovely book covers, click through to read the full description and request the title from the publisher.

Have you already read these? Don’t forget to share feedback with the publisher and with your social network! What other titles have you requested after falling in love with the cover? Share the link in the comments below, or via Twitter #NGextras

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The Glass Kitchen        Stitching Snow    From a Distance   About Face      Fourteenth Goldfish
St. Martin’s Press                Disney Book Group                   Bloomsbury USA              Glenmere Press              Random House Children’s
Pub Date Jun 17 2014             Pub Date Oct 14 2014           Pub Date April 30 2014         Pub Date Oct 23 2013       Pub Date Aug 26 2014

News from NetGalley

New changes at NetGalley help better connect you to books you’ll love
—Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley

Have you noticed anything new when you login to NetGalley? We made a series of changes to the site last week designed to make it even easier for readers to browse, request, organize and provide feedback on titles they are reading through NetGalley.

When you next Browse the NetGalley catalog to view titles available for request from our publishers, you’ll see we’ve added two new links. READ NOW titles can be immediately accessed by a member—-so if you’re new to NetGalley, or new to professional reading and recommending, this is a great place to start. Many of our publishers list their titles there for a limited time (sometimes just a day or two), so think of this as a surprise bucket of new books just waiting for you.

And, if you are auto-approved by a publisher, you’ll see a new link for “Auto-approvals” when you Browse. When a publisher auto-approves you, you can automatically access any of their titles available in the catalog. This section is like your own customized catalog—-and is only visible to you, when you sign in.
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Recipes for Success: How Publishers Use Your Reviews
Guest Post: Cassie Galante, Associate Digital Marketing Manager: St. Martin’s Press

Today I’m pleased to welcome Cassie from St. Martin’s Press as our guest blogger! Cassie is currently an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at St. Martin’s Press, a division of Macmillan Publishers. She executes individual digital marketing campaigns for a list of titles, but has also been running the behind-the-scenes stuff for St. Martin’s NetGalley program since they first joined the site in the summer of 2011. “Working with the community on NetGalley is one of my favorite parts of my job.”

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Read more for Cassie’s input on how they use reviews, as well as a book recommendation!

Recipes for Success aims to give new bloggers and reviewers helpful information, tools, and best practices to help facilitate your growth and effectiveness as reviewers. Check back often for tips and tricks from the insiders!

How and why does St. Martin’s Press use NetGalley?

Here at St. Martin’s Press we use NetGalley to provide egalleys of our books for review to librarians, booksellers, media professionals, bloggers, and everyone in between!

But it’s also a really important tool for us to find new readers for our books. We’re always trying to figure out the best way to reach those of you who are new to the blogging world while still maintaining and growing the great relationships with those of you we’ve been working with for years.

That’s a tough balance to strike, so hallelujah for the Public Catalog! We respect and appreciate the work that you do to spread the good word about our books, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find new authors to read, love, and review. Posting our books in the Catalog and asking you to request the ones you’d like to read and potentially review gives us the perfect opportunity to get more of our books in the hands of who want to read them most.   Continue reading “Recipes for Success: How Publishers Use Your Reviews”