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Tell Me More: NetGalley Announces New Features for Readers
—Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley

Today we announced another new set of features for NetGalley members. If we were in the habit of naming our releases (we’re not, sadly), I’d call this one “Tell Me More,” since it’s all about improving how readers communicate with publishers about how they recommend books.

First, we’ve redesigned your Profile page, top to bottom, making it easier to complete and update the information publishers see when you request a title. Do you know that there are now over 150,000 NetGalley members, who request titles over 40,000 times per week? Your Profile is the most important tool you have for telling publishers how you recommend new books, so that they can approve requests. We have tons of resources to help you improve your Profile, starting here.

Publishers rely on your Feedback, too, to better promote and sell their books. We know that for many member types, like librarians or booksellers (who represent just over 20% of our overall community), their purpose in using NetGalley is to better consider titles for purchase, not for review. This is why we have introduced new types of feedback to the site, including star ratings, notes, and information about a member’s intent to purchase or recommend a title. The goal is to give members the chance to share feedback relevant to their specific member type. This will be in addition to the reviews you’ve always been able to share.
For indie booksellers, we have additional news. Beginning today, indie booksellers (in the US) will be able to nominate titles for the Indie Next List through NetGalley, as part of the Feedback they can provide for a title. You can read more here. We’re also supporting the ABA’s Indies Introduce Debut Authors program, where indie booksellers nominate debut authors of note, by promoting the titles selected. Click here if you missed it in your inbox!

NetGalley members are never required to submit Feedback, and this won’t change. But we hope you continue to recognize the importance of your recommending power to the publishers and authors whose titles you’re reading early, and share Feedback whenever you can.

We’re grateful that NetGalley continues to be a frequent destination for librarians, booksellers, media, reviewers and educators (over 60% of visits come 9 or more times per month!), and always happy to hear suggestions on how to improve the site.


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