Top Ten Books from the UK – October

As we inch closer to Christmas, big name authors jostle with the names of the future in our October roundup. There is a wide variety here – from celebrity autobiography to the best in literary fiction, from chilling crime to romance – so find your perfect winter read while the nights are still light!

Book of the Month

After the Fire
Henning Mankell
Harvill Secker
UK Edition
US Edition

When Henning Mankell died in late 2015, the literary world was robbed of one of its most celebrated and prolific writers. His Wallander novels were international bestsellers, and often considered some of the best crime novels in recent memory. After the Fire is Mankell’s final novel, a compelling conclusion to a body of work few can rival.

Retired doctor Fredrik Welin lives a solitary life on a secluded Swedish island. It is a quiet life; quiet until he is woken in the night to find his house on fire. His possessions destroyed and his house in ruins, Fredrik must uncover the truth of the fire – if someone started it, who? And for what reason?

Two Kinds of Truth
Michael Connelly
UK Edition

The hugely successful television adaptation of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels has given the detective a huge new audience – and Two Kinds of Truth is the perfect example of why the book is even better than the screen. Harry is squeezed by the past and the present as a current murder investigation leads to the dangerous world of Big Pharma, while a killer from Bosch’s past claims Harry framed him. The two cases push Harry to the limit in his quest for the truth. But whose truth is it?

How to be Champion
Sarah Millican
UK Edition

In a few short years, Sarah Millican has become one of the UK’s most popular and beloved comedians. Her observational, quietly acerbic and utterly distinctive style has been filling arenas up and down the country, and now fills the pages of her hilarious and often moving memoir. Part autobiography, part self help, part confession, part celebration of being a common-or-garden woman, Millican’s wry portrait of herself is a mine of comedy gold and How to be Champion is sure to be a big bestseller.

Mirror, Mirror
Cara Delevingne
UK Edition

Cara Delevingne is often considered the voice of her generation, and this first novel – written with bestselling writer Rowan Coleman – shows her understanding of the struggles and pitfalls of growing up. Sixteen-year-old friends Red, Leo, Rose, and Naomi are misfits, but their band, Mirror, Mirror, holds them together. That is until Naomi is pulled unconscious from the river. The police claim it was a suicide attempt, but her friends aren’t convinced. A powerful coming-of-age story for fans of We Were Liars and The Girls.

Don't Wake Up
Liz Lawler
Worldwide Edition

Already attracting a huge buzz around it on NetGalley, Don’t Wake Up is shaping to become one of the big breakout thrillers of 2017 – but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart. Doctor Alex Taylor remembers going to meet her boyfriend, Patrick, after shift, but nothing more. So why is she on operating table? And what does the man who is not a doctor want with her? And why when she wakes again is there no evidence of the violence he has committed? Ostracised by her colleagues, her family and her partner, Alex begins to wonder if she really is losing her mind. And then she meets the next victim…

Edward St Aubyn
UK Edition
US Edition
CA Edition

Edward St Aubyn’s Melrose novels – soon to be a television series starring Benedict Cumberbatch – cemented him as one of England’s finest prose stylists. Dunbar, his retelling of King Lear, shows all his panache and precision, in a novel of intense and brooding tension. Henry Dunbar has retired and left the family firm to his daughters. It is a decision he soon comes to regret, living out his days in a home with only an alcoholic comedian for company. Modernising any Shakespeare drama is always a fraught business, but Dunbar is an unsettling, powerful and an unqualified success.

Hortense and the Shadow
Natalia & Lauren O'Hara
UK Edition

There are some picture books which transcend their intended market; books that can delight anyone of any age. Hortense and the Shadow is one such book, a beautifully illustrated, beautifully told tale that is both timeless and timely. Hortense hates her shadow. Everywhere she goes, it follows. Everything she does, it does too. And every time night falls it grows tall and dark and crooked. But when Hortense decides her shadow must go, she finds herself alone in the wolfish woods. An exquisite fable of gothic imagination, this is essential reading for everyone who loves fairy stories.

Fresh Complaint
Jeffrey Eugenides
4th Estate
UK Edition

There are few writers who can create real excitement when a new book arrives – but Jeffrey Eugenides is certainly one of them. His masterpieces, The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex, are two of the most celebrated novels of the last 25 years, and this new work of fiction shows him to be a master of the short story, as well as the long form. Beautifully written, original and always unusual, Fresh Complaint is a wholly satisfying read – even if you don’t usually get on with stories.

Seven Days of Us
Francesca Hornak
UK Edition

With enthusiastic endorsements from the likes of Marian Keyes, Adele Geras and Rosamund Lupton, this Christmas-set family drama is poised to become a must-read festive treat. The Birch family come together in Norfolk to celebrate Christmas. But when aid worker Olivia is told she needs to stay in quarantine, the whole family are forced to stay home for a week together. No one can leave, no one can enter. And that’s when the secrets begin to emerge…

The Ninth Hour
Alice McDermott
UK Edition
US Edition

Alice McDermott is one of America’s most compassionate and engaging writers, her stories of Irish-American life full of life, exuberance, tragedy and conflict. The Ninth Hour follows three generations of a family during the middle of the 20th Century in Brooklyn, their lives bound by the suicide of father Jim. His actions on that fateful day will have ramifications for all, testing the limit of their love, forgiveness and hope. An astonishing novel of power, subtly and grace.


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