Top Ten Books from UK – August 2018

A really interesting collection of titles this month, from a variety of genres. August is a traditionally slow month for publishing, but we’re sure you’ll find something that will fast become a favourite. Enjoy!

A Treachery of Spies
Manda Scott
Bantam Press
UK edition

With an endorsement from the doyen of modern spy thrillers, Mick Herron, and numerous comparisons with John Le Carré, The Treachery of Spies is a brilliantly executed thriller of the first class.

The body of an elderly – and strikingly beautiful – woman  is found dead in Orleans, France. It is clearly a murder, and one that follows the method of execution of traitors to the Resistance in WWII. To find the truth of the present, Inspector Inès Picaut must go back to the days of war-torn France, no matter how dangerous…

The Girl in the Letter
Emily Gunnis
Headline Review
UK edition

Emily Gunnis is the daughter of Penny Vincenzi, and this brilliant novel shows she has inherited her mother’s flair. Samantha Harper discovers a letter from the 50s, which brings her to St Margaret’s, a former home for unmarried mothers. What secrets do its walls hold?

The Way of All Flesh
Ambrose Parry
Canongate Books
UK edition

One of the most compelling and atmospheric crime novels of the year, The Way of All Flesh is set in 19th Century Edinburgh against the backdrop of a serial killer. Will, a medical student, and Sarah, a housekeeper, join forces, using new techniques to catch the killer.

Future Popes of Ireland
Darragh Martin
Fourth Estate
UK edition

The debut adult novel from Darragh Martin is a hilarious, touching and ambitious look at the hopes and dreams of an unforget-table family. In 1979, Bridget Doyle has only one wish: to be grandmother to a pope. Thirty years on, is a miracle about to happen…?

The Psychology of Time Travel
Kate Mascarenhas
Head of Zeus
UK edition

Four women in the 1960s invent time travel. Thirty years later, a woman is found murdered – but no one seems interested in finding the killer. Who was the woman who was slain? Why is there a cover-up? And in a time-travelling world, how can her murder be solved?

Now We Shall Be Entirely Free
Andrew Miller
UK edition

Andrew Miller’s meticulous, immersive and surprising historical fiction has won many awards – and this is another winner. Now We Shall Be Entirely Free is the story of a soldier returning from the Napoleonic wars, trying to rebuild his life. But freedom comes at a price…

This Really Isn't About You
Jean Hannah Edelstein
UK edition

Jean Hannah Edelstein is one of the most perceptive, warm and wise writers around, and this memoir is a heart-breaking, hopeful, often painfully funny exploration of grief, life and love. Sure to be one of the most discussed memoirs of the year.

The Beekeeper of Sinjar
Dunya Mikhail
Serpent's Tail
UK edition

A harrowing and poetic work of literary non-fiction that weaves the stories of the Yazidi women of Iraq, persecuated by ISIS for not converting to Islam, with the story of ‘The Beekeeper of Sinjar’, a man who risks everything to move them to safety.

The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree
Paola Peretti
Hot Key Books
UK edition

A hugely moving, life-affirming, yet bitter-sweet tale, The Distance Between Me and The Cherry Tree, tells the story of Mafalda, a 9-year-old girl who knows that soon she will lose her sight. Fans of Wonder will fall in love with this tender, affecting tale.

This Child of Ours
Sadie Pearse
UK edition

A timely and deeply moving novel, This Child of Ours brilliantly explores the dilemma facing two loving parents. When their 7-year-old daughter Riley says she doesn’t feel comfortable in her skin, Sally and Theo have some tough decisions to make…


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