Top Ten Books from UK – August 2019

Once a month that was known for being slow in publishing, August is now a busy time for great books. This selection shows some incredible titles that will be lighting up the second half of the year, so Request now — and don’t forget to leave your feedback!

The Nickel Boys
Colson Whitehead
UK Edition

Colson Whitehead’s multiple prize winning, bestselling novel The Underground Railroad was one of the standout novels of that last decade. This follow up is just as persuasive – and equally important.

The Nickel Academy purports to be an institution of the first order. It is nothing of the sort, as Turner and Curtis find out to their horror. A masterpiece of sustained tension, friendship, race and power, The Nickel Boys is an unforgettable novel that could not be more timely.

The Turn of the Key
Ruth Ware
Harvill Secker
UK Edition

Ruth Ware is one of the most consistent crime writers in the UK, and this latest slice of psychological suspense is her best yet. It’s the dream job. But it soon becomes a nightmare.

Sea Witch Rising
Sarah Henning
HarperCollins Children's Books
UK Edition

This imaginative retelling of The Little Mermaid is sure to captivate and delight. Alia has made a deal with the Sea Witch: to give up her life as a mermaid. But her wish has grave consequences…

The Memory Police
Yoko Ogawa
Harvill Secker
UK Edition

From Yoko Ogawa comes a dystopian novel that bears comparison to The Handmaid’s Tale. On the island, memories are policed. But what if you stop forgetting?

The Art of Dying
Ambrose Parry
UK Edition

This Victorian-set mystery is a follow-up to the brilliant The Way of All Flesh, and is one of the freshest crime novels you’ll read this year. Clever, atmospheric and entrancing.

The Girl at the Window
Rowan Coleman
Ebury Press
UK Edition

Rowan Coleman writes so well about the mysteries of life and love, and The Girl At the Window is an evocative and immersive novel of hope and family. And at its heart is Ponden Hall…

The Heart of the Circle
Keren Landsman
Angry Robot
UK Edition

A singular and arresting urban fantasy, The Heart of the Circle is compelling, strange and beguiling. In a world divided, it falls to Reed to make sense of the battle between the sorcerers…

How to Have Meaningful Conversations
Sarah Rozenthuler
Watkins Publishing
UK Edition

Practical and brightly written, this book provides a seven-step plan to help anyone boost the effectiveness of their communications. It is easy to follow and contains great advice for everyone.

The Warehouse
Rob Hart
Bantam Press
UK Edition

Already a huge hit on NetGalley, The Warehouse is shaping up to be the big futuristic thriller of 2019. In a ravaged America, run by the online giant, Cloud, Paxton’s life is changed forever…

The Man Who Saw Everything
Deborah Levy
Hamish Hamilton
UK Edition

The case could be made for Deborah Levy as the most inventive of English novelists. This superlative new novel about new and old Europe shows exactly why she is so revered.

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