Top Ten Books from UK – November 2019

A wonderful collection of titles to banish the autumnal blues this month, all of them full of imagination, colour and page-turning delights. Don’t forget to submit Feedback once you’ve read them!

Death in the East
Abir Mukherjee
Harvill Secker
UK Edition

One of the finest new crime writers returns with another brilliantly written historical mystery.

London,1905. Young constable Sam Wyndham is heartbroken when his old flame is murdered. Years later, in India, Wyndham spies someone from his past—and the chance to solve the crime that continues to haunt him…

Bowie's Books
John O'Connell
UK Edition

Three years before he died, David Bowie made a list of the hundred books that had shaped his life. John O’Connell has written about each book—and how they affected Bowie’s genius.

Scarlett Thomas
UK Edition

From one of our most imaginative and breathtaking novelists comes a novel about power and deceit. Sent to an exclusive boarding school, Tash enters a dangerous web of secrets.

The Princess Plan
Julia London
Mills & Boon
UK Edition

The Princess Plan is a cauldron of emotion, romance and intrigue. When his secretary is murdered, Prince Sebastian is forced to team up with journalist Eliza. And then the sparks fly…

17 Church Row
James Carol
UK Edition

Heartbroken after the death of their child, Nikki and Ethan Rhodes move to a revolutionary new house. It looks like just the sanctuary they need. But things soon start to go badly wrong…

On The Up
Alice O'Keefe
UK Edition

Warm, wise and always witty, On the Up is the story of Sylvia, who dreams of a better life. But when her housing estate is threatened, she determines to do something about it.

Salley Vickers
UK Edition

The bestselling author of The Librarian returns with a subversive, witty and moving story of three women and their sometimes fraught relationship with the younger generations.

Paulina Flores
UK Edition

Paulina Flores is one of the most exciting new voices in Latin American fiction, and this thrilling collection of stories showcases exactly why. Tender, insightful and utterly beguiling.

The Almanack
Martine Bailey
Black Thorn
UK Edition

A puzzle-solvers delight, this engrossing historical mystery is as bamboozling as it is fiendishly gripping. Tabitha Hart’s mother is murdered, and the only clues to her death lie in an old book.

Body Tourists
Jane Rogers
UK Edition

Already praised by Hilary Mantel, this tense, intelligent and thought-provoking novel centres on a clinic that lets the rich to come back from the dead for 14 days. But at what cost? And to whom?


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