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Your reviews are getting attention…

As members of NetGalley, you know that publishers and authors rely on your thoughtful reviews and feedback. We’re showcasing your dedication to helping books succeed by giving your reviews the platform they deserve, to increase their visibility and value. As you submit your reviews on NetGalley, you will notice a few upgrades to the Feedback page – take a look here!

Your reviews will be visible to your fellow book advocates!

  • Reviews you submit via NetGalley on and after August 14, 2017 will appear on the Title Details pages, visible to other NetGalley members.
  • Adjust your name Display Preferences anytime in the Additional Information section of your Profile.
  • See the average star rating and reviews from fellow members.
  • Learn more here.

As you’re reading reviews from other members, you can indicate which are the most helpful.

Remember: The more reviews you submit, the easier it will be for you and other reviewers, librarians, booksellers, educators, and media professionals to decide which books to request, read, and review. (P.S. If you need any tips for writing reviews, you can find them here!).

Thanks as always for your continued support of NetGalley and dedication to helping books succeed.

All best,
The NetGalley Team


2 thoughts on “Your reviews are getting attention…

  1. We love our community of book advocates. The dedication of our members is what makes NetGalley truly special. We hope it has always been apparent how much value we place on your feedback. For any changes we’ve made on NetGalley (large or small), the input we receive from both our member and publisher communities is an essential piece in deciding how NetGalley evolves.

    Over the past week, we have been actively collecting and analyzing all the comments we’ve seen related to new features. We take this process very seriously, and have worked quickly to incorporate your responses into real changes.

    We are happy to report that we’re changing the “was this review helpful” buttons, to remove the “No” option and instead offer only a thumbs up. This change should go live next week (barring any last-minute ​technical ​issues​, of course). Giving our community the ability to upvote was always the main objective for this new feature. We never intended to give the impression that members would be penalized for having downvoted reviews, so we’re removing that “No” button altogether. We do, however, look forward to gaining insights into what makes reviews most helpful.

    For years we’ve heard from members that they want more ways of connecting with each other, more tools to help discover and decide which books to request, and would love the ability to see the reviews ​from​ their fellow reviewers, librarians, booksellers, educators, and media professionals.

    The goal of NetGalley has always been to help books succeed. We truly want to give your reviews the platform they deserve, to increase their visibility and value both to publishers/authors and to the overall book reviewing community. We hope this will encourage even more thoughtful reviews, community engagement, and further insight into what makes a helpful book review.

    Thank you for your dedication to helping books succeed and for your support of the NetGalley service.​ Contact us anytime at ​

    All best,
    The NetGalley Team

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